Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Year end awards -Orienteering Australia Merit Badges

The aims of the Badge Scheme are to recognise the achievements of a consistent orienteering standard relative to one’s age-group peers and to be a fund raising activity for Australian Teams to World Championships. 

Thirty-two Uringans were eligible for these badges this year end. (If you still live in Australia and did not receive yours at the Christmas party, ask Mary Jane Mahony for it at one of the next events. Badges earned by members who have now relocated will sent on somehow.)

W10 Maggie Mackay
W16 Sophie Jones
W20 Georgia Jones
W21 Clare Murphy
W50 Linda Sesta
W80 Maureen Ogilvie
M45 Shane Doyle
M50 Ian Jones
M70 Dick Ogilvie
M80 Brian Cleland

W20 Maree Doyle
W45 Margaret Jones
W55 Gayle Shepherd
W70 Jitka Kopriva

M16 Finn Mackay
M21 Itay Manor
M21 Ondrej Pavlu
M45 Ant Nolan
M50 Michael Warlters
M55 Jim Mackay
M65 Ian McKenzie
M70 Dave Lotty

W16 Serena Doyle
W21 Jane Boland
W45 Melanie Christie
W55 Lisa Lampe
W60 Margaret Wilmott
W70 Mary Jane Mahony
M10 Jonathan Nolan
M14 William Nolan
M40 Ian Bilmon
M60 Nick Wilmott

Participants in nominated events earn credits over a 2 year period.  Three credits earn an OA merit badge.

Nominated events include National Championships; the Easter 3-Day event; the 6 State Championship events; plus 2 additional events in each state nominated by that state, usually (though not always) the Middle and Sprint distance Championships.

Nominated Orienteering Australia controlled badge events shall be limited to two (minimum) up to 4 (maximum) per calendar year in each state. States are encouraged to nominate both Middle Distance and Sprint races as badge events.

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