Sunday, September 16, 2012


Nick and a leg of lamb

One tends to watch the temperature gauge as one heads up the mountains. The recently checked weather forecast was looking pretty correct as the numbers on the gauge kept falling. Cocooned in the snugly warm Subaru did not prepare you for the arctic blast as you opened the door in a very exposed paddock at Kahlis Rocks.
The organisers, local to the mountains figured this was one way to nobble the competitors. Park, assemble and walk to the start in what on any other day would have been a beautifully open paddock. Fortunately once you swung into the forest the winds were not as fierce and the body had warmed to the task. Well that was until you hit the last 2 controls back in that #$%$# open paddock!

Lawrence - Just where did I lose  8 seconds

Kahlis Rocks was day 1 of the NSW Champs Double Header.

Maggie all smiles!

The Rocks can be the most unforgiven maps with slopes peppered with boulders. Course Planner Jean Baldwin was very cunning with the first few legs of most courses in a mix of clearing boulder clumps and light forest. Talk about build confidence - increase pace and forgetting a simple principle " orienteer as a speed that you can read the map staying in contact as you go" After this gentle initiation into map we then plunged headlong into the northern slopes. Whilst not that steep they are littered with what appears to be an explosion of boulders, bare rock and gullies. Lose contact and perish.

Jared McKenna, M12A, Sophie Jones, W10A and Georgia Jones, W14A all came home leading the pack in 1st place. Not far off the place in 2nd we had Dave Mckenna , M35AS, Ian Jones M45A, Brian Cleland, M75A, Gayle Shepherd, W35AS and Maureen Ogilvie W70A. Jane McKenna running W40A was our only 3rd place getter.
And so it was we then headed off to the warm comfort of our overnight accommodation to warm our bones ready for Sunday.

Ron - a badge at last!

The morning brought with it clear skies and little wind. Ah the hallmarks of a perfect day in the Central Highlands. Gumble Forest, west of Molong and Orange is a very tricky area. Granite terrain can be very complex and this is a great example of that.Bennelong's Robert Bradley set courses that made you work hard with a cunning mix of shorter and longer legs.

 Sophie Jones back up again for a win in W10A. Brother Lawrence wished he had of had more weetbix as he missed first place by a mere 8 seconds. His 2nd place was a very strong performance in M16A. Maureen Ogilvie also took out a 2nd place in W70A and a very surprised Ron Pallas, who thought his badge winning days were over, also scored a 2nd place in M45AS. ( See it is a Tortoise V Hare sport). In the 3rd place department we had Maggie Jones in W45A and Ian Jones in M45A.

Unfortunately Georgia was unwell and unable to run however she spent the event behind a camera. I am looking forward to seeing the results of her work!
So now the orienteering tragics are off to Tasmania for the Australian Champs. Lawrence and Georgia will be representing NSW as part of the Schools Team. Good luck to you both.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


With the bush season heading to a climax with the NSW Champs this coming weekend and the Aussie Champs in Tassie a few weeks later; our thoughts turn to the Summer series events. All up there are three event series running this coming seas. Northern Sydney Summer Series (NSSS) and Southern Sydney Summer Series (SSSS) and the Sydney Sprents (SS) The two summer series are 45 minute score events whereas the sprints is a sprint course of approx 2.4km.

So grab your diary to get these dates in.
At each event we will need as many helpers as possible. Helpers can run too!

21st October   Centennial Park - World Fire Fighter Games -8.30-12 followed by SSSS starting at 2pm. Perfect day for a big picnic between events. Ian Jones is the planner

29th October - Marrickville   SSSS with Mary Jane Mahony the planner

12th November - Maroubra for a SSSS with Maggie Jones in command

28th November - Concord NSSS Helen Murphy in charge.

23rd January - Birchgrove  NSSS with Matt Peters setting the courses

28th January - Carrs Park  - SSS Linda  doing the planning

4th March -  Birchgrove - SSS with Lisa Lampe .

Check the OANSW web site for exact location and time details