Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 Australian Orienteering Carnival – Report 1

The Australian Orienteering Carnival is held over two weekends and the weekdays in between, comprising seven different days of events.  Most are Australian Championships events, with the Bathurst 3-Days a more relaxed, though still national, orienteering event.

There’s an opportunity for everyone to run, not just the elite.

Although named the ‘Australian’, New Zealand is also well represented. The Carnival is held in a different state each year. This year it was in the Central Tablelands of NSW and around 900 orienteers were expected.

Event 1 Australian Sprint Champs

Bathurst Campus, Charles Sturt University

Although Uringa was well represented on the Start Lists, in an event as big as the Carnival, making the podium is the exception rather than the rule in most age classes.  There won't be too many club members on the podium in a national event , so we certainly celebrate those who made it.

Women 10A
3 Maggie Mackay
Women 21A
1 Clare Murphy
Men 35AS
3 Brett Leavers
Men 65A
2 Ian McKenzie
Men 80A
2 Brian Cleland

Trees at any event always seem to be a star attraction for younger orienteers.

Event 2 Australian Middle Distance Champs

Gold mining country at Hill End

The Hill End events are the jewels in the crown of the Carnival organisers. Beautiful, interesting countryside with the remnants of the gold rush of the 19th century everywhere. Much opportunity to make mistakes in navigation.

Open Easy
1 William Nolan
Women Junior B
1 Serena Doyle
Women 21 A
3 Clare Murphy
Women 50A
3 Linda Sesta
Men 80A
3 Brian Cleland


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Winter social: the Noughties Party

Uringa Orienteers includes a rather large cluster of members who were born in years ending in zero, ranging from 1937 to 2017. What a good reason to have a party! ( if Uringans need much of an excuse).

Thanks to social coordinator Gayle Shepherd (she of the clever birthday bag creations and marshmallow guessing game). Helen and Terry Murphy again offered their home as party venue for the descending hordes. And thanks, too, to all who provided the wonderful food.