Monday, September 13, 2010


Off into the misty hills around Lithgow we did go. Baal Bone Junction is the name of the new map and it is rather a limited map due with some reasonable spur gully surrounding a large rock mesa. The mesa area pictured above appears to have few avenues to get either up or down and so will limit courses in future uses.
As a none runner it was interesting to listen to comments about the map and courses. Whilst Mark Darvo loves these areas it would seem that many others found moments on the map quite frightening and some of the course setting rather poor. Having looked closely at the green course that Georgia ran it contained little challenge for the runners.


EOD Orange Aldo Sesta 4th
M50A Mark Darvodelsky 1st
W40A Linda Sesta 4th
M65A Dave Lotty 2nd
W50A Jan Sargood 5th
W50A Sarah Garnett 8th
W50A Margaret Wilmott 9th
W50A Lisa Lampe - chose not to finish
M35AS Dave McKenna 2nd
W60A Jitka Kopriva 4th
W60A Mary Jane Mahony 6th
M45AS Zuzu Burford 10th
W21AS Maggie Jones 2nd
W21AS Jane McKenna 3rd
W70A Maureen Ogilvie 2nd
W35AS Anne Darvodelsky - chose not to finish
W35AS Gayle Shepherd 3rd
M14A Lawrence Jones 6th
MOB Brian Cleland 2nd
W12A Georgia Jones 2nd
W10A Sophie Jones 3rd
M/W10N Jared Mckenna 1st

With such a large contingent or Uringans present it was quite a challenge to knock over the variety of cakes that were produced from various bags. Chief Judge Dick was licking his lips. Mary Jane's superb Banana Bread from Saturday had been demolished but was brilliant. Jane had a particularly delicious sponge whilst Margaret produced one of her special cakes and Gayle had her "non accidental" fruit cake. What a feast.

It took some time for all to pack up and leave. there were still 1/2 dozen Uringans chatting when the organisers had all but completed their pack up. Mind you there was a slight delay in the car park to assist in the Audi retrieval.
There were some who needed a toilet and refuelling stop on the Bells Line which quelled the afternoon food cravings.
ah hat a great weekend in perfect weather!


The NSW Middle Distance Champs were held at were held in the hills surrounding Mt Piper Power Station Lithgow.
Courses made the most of the spur gully terrain and whilst some may suggest that they were on the easy side there were many who made small mistakes because of the open terrain.
Uringa had a huge contingent at the event. Our club clocked up some great results:

M40A Ian Jones 5th
M50A Mark Darvodelsky 1st
W40A Linda Sesta 4th
M65A Dave Lotty 1st
W50A Lisa Lampe 6th
W50A Sarah Garnett 7th
W50A Margaret Wilmott 10th
M35AS Dave McKenna 3rd
W60A Jitka Kopriva 3rd
W60A Mary Jane Mahony 8th
M45AS Ron Pallas 6th
M45AS Zuzu Burford 8th
W21AS Maggie Jones 1st
W21AS Jane McKenna 2nd
W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1st
W35AS Anne Darvodelsky 2nd
W35AS Gayle Shepherd 4th
M14A Lawrence Jones 5th
MOB Brian Cleland mp
W12A Georgia Jones 2nd
W10A Sophie Jones 4th
M/W10N Jared Mckenna 3rd.

After the event the crowds scattered to all points around Lithgow to prepare themselves for the NSW Champs the next day. There is a remarkable difference in the way people prepare. Some close themselves off in a room and impersonate a swedish sauna, others consume red wine or white wine, beer and cheese. Some are known to consume some bubbly to wash down a fine fruit salad.

Socialising in the bush (Ben Bullen Forest, September 2010)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

AUDIacious Bogging

At the NSW Champs it was a case of "just who holds Uringa's bog championships" Older heads will remember Jared ( Dave) McKenna's fantastic effort at JWOC not once but twice.
However Maggie is definitely challenging for the prize as she managed to maroon the Audi in seemingly a very un-boggable place
Fortunately there was a good Samaritan - Thanks Peter and Lewis who were able to extract the vehicle. There were several on the sideline who seemed to want to give verbal assistance and it was fortunate that Maggie missed most of it as it was far from offering assistance but a little bit of verballing!!

Now what makes Maggie's effort outstanding is that she let slip that this was not the first time the Audi had sunk but had had a prior performance at Stockton.

Well played everyone!