Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Xmas 5 Days

Well it wasn't the biggest Uringa Contingent ever but what the heck it was Christmas after all.

The 5 days was based around Mittagong. Only the second day was affected by the weather with rain and drizzle being standard for that day. the rest were pretty good for orienteering.

Dick Ogilvie was the overall coordinator of the event with Maureen his trusty side kick.

Now to results

Day 1 Lake Alexandra

Right in the heart of Mittagong the area was a mix of bush and streets.

Maureen Ogilvie WD 16th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 6th
Ian Jones MB 7th
Margaret Jones WB 6th
Georgia Jones WF 3rd
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 7th

Day 2 Baronga Creek - Penrose forest - the part that hasn't been logged recently

Maureen Ogilvie WD 12th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 11th
Ian Jones MB 6th
Margaret Jones WB 8th
Georgia Jones WF 2rd
Lawrence Jones MF 4rd
Sophie Jones Novice 1st

Day 3 The Piggery at Belanglo. The courses were set by Zuzu Burford with Dave Lotty acting as conroller. Our club put on a fantastic event. Lots of helpers thanks everyone. ( do not let Dave McKenna near any child's toy from now on)

Maureen Ogilvie WD 13th
Dick Ogilvie MD 15th
Ian Jones MB 6th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 2nd
Jane McKenna WC 17th
Jared McKenna Novice 1st
Ian McKenzie MC 14th

Day 4 Miners despair. An old favourite Belanglo map with a tragic link to backpackers

Maureen Ogilvie WD 10th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 13th
Ian Jones MB 11th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 5th
Sophie Jones Novice 5th
Ian McKenzie MC 8th

Day 5 Soapy Flat- right at Mike Anderson's back door- as a matter of fact we parked on Mike's land.

Maureen Ogilvie WD 9th
Dick Ogilvie MD 17th
Dave Lotty MD 16th
Ian Jones MB 7th
Margaret Jones WB 10th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 3rd
Ian McKenzie MC 2nd

Overall results

Using a formula that only those who love statistics would understand competitors are able to drop their worst day.( 4 out of 5 count)

Maureen Ogilvie WD 14th
Dick Ogilvie MD 10th
Dave Lotty MD 14th
Ian Jones MB 8th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 4th
Sophie Jones Novice 2nd
Ian McKenzie MC 21st ( only ran 3 days)

The Five Days is always a good money earner with just over 200 competitors entered.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The President's Cup - Honour Board

The President's Cup is now part of orienteering folklore. Remarkably Jitka has prepared the winning cup(s) since the outset more than 22 years ago (is that right Jitka?).

The first event was won by Michael Anderson on Belanglo in our nation's bicentenary year.

Terry has provided me a pretty full list, but I'm worried we don't have a full list of past winners and time is marching on.

So, I'm seeking to populate the following table with past winners of the Uringa President's Cup. So we can keep it for posterity ... or at least until google disappears. If anyone can help fill in the missing pieces of history, please let me know. This should be a test of our failing memories. Does anyone have old copies of the newsletters we used to publish? Or mugs in the pool room.

So here we go ...

Year Map Big Cup Small Cup Fastest Time
2009 Villa Maria Sarah Garnett Helen Peters Ian Jones
2008 The Graysies (Grays Point)
MaryJane Mahoney Sue Bolton



John Fuller (TBC)

2005 Villa Maria Linda Sesta David McKenna
2004 Villa Maria

Gayle Shepherd

2002 Butchers Block Matt Peters
Matt Peters
2001 Riverview Bronwyn Steele/Thea Richardson
Rick Steele
2000 Riverview Chris Mill David Lotty
1999 Riverview

1998 Concord Ross Coyle Patrick Murphy Ross Coyle
1997 Peters' Precinct Dick Ogilvie Nick Wilmott Nick Wilmott
1996 Richo's Realm Lisa Lampe Michael Anderson Ross Coyle
1995 Bicentennial Park Maureen Ogilvie Ross Coyle Ross Coyle
1994 The Piggery Anita Scherrer Sue Bolton Nick Wilmott
1993 Burrawang John Fuller Jane McKenna
1992 Bunnygalore Margaret Wilmott Maureen Ogilvie Nick Wilmott
1991 Bunnygalore Ray Lidgard

1990 Bunnygalore Terry Murphy John Wilmott Nick Wilmott
1989 Bunnygalore Keith Richardson Jan Sargood Nick Wilmott
1988 Belanglo Creek Michael Anderson Wendy Fleming Bruce Graham

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The President's Cup

Christmas party collage

President's Cup Results

The Uringa Christmas Party- Presidents Cup
The following are the results from the President's Cup race held Saturday 28th November in what could be best described as hot conditions.

Long – 26 Controls
1 Ian Jones 42.31
2 Mark Darvodlesky 42.33
3 Matt Peters 45.03
4 Dave McKenna 45.05
5 Dave Lotty 53.12
6 Sarah Garnett 53.57
7 John Fuller 58.07
8 Linda Sesta 58.55
9 Rick Steele * 60.35
10 Dick Ogilvie 66.42
11 Terry Murphy * 73.41
12 Penny Field 79.20
* Collected all 30 controls (mad!)

Short – 16 Controls
1 Lawrence Jones 42.07
2 Jenny & Radd 74.29
3 Aldo Sesta 77.44
4 Gayle Shepherd 83.50
5 Maureen Ogilvie 116.00

Kids – 6 Controls
1 Jarred McKenna 30.30

Local knowledge helped Matt out with a bonus point for the Ambulance Bays at the St Joey's Sportsfield.
Gayle claimed a "jet lag" time reduction having just flown in from her annual Bangkok "work conference" that morning.

President's Cup Awards

Large - Sarah Garnett
Sarah is no stranger to liquor shops but showed initiative by entering Vintage Cellars to ask what the % reduction was for beer . ( the store changed it during the week removing the sign from the top of the window.

Small- Helen Peters
Helen has played hostess to the Uringa Xmas party for many years now but she excelled herself with a massive renovation of the Peters home just for the parity. I am reliably informed that Matt had something to do with it.

Grand Child Bragging Rights
This was a tense battle between Grandpa Zuzu/ Grandma Jitka and Nana Gayle. Photos of respective grandchildren were exchange throughout the night. The judging panel viewed all with a great degree of neutrality.
The final decision was to wait a few years to see which one writes the next "War & Peace Novel", climbs Mt Everest first and pilots a "Mars Landing Vehicle"
Stay tuned results will be reported on this site when they happen.
By the way Nick and Margaret with their tribe of grand children chose to exempt themselves from the competition. As they know they have the best looking grand children!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More pictures from the World Masters

Spectacular scenery around Clandulla area

control site at Clandulla
Avenue of Roy ??? at Clandulla

Opening ceremony; orienteering section

Just before entering the Olympic Stadium.

At the World Masters Opening Ceremony at ANZ Stadium, waiting in the tunnel for the Athlete Parade.

Medal ceremony for Sprint final (W/M50)

Sarah in the finish at Olympic Park

Fashion police at World Masters

Who would have thought that the fashion police would be present at the Sprint Final in Olympic Park ? Rick's outfit would have won the most colourful outfit category.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009


As the bush season draws to a close it is time for the Wednesday night Summer Series to ramp up
Keep up to date with what is happening in the Summer Series

Uringa has a number of committments over the coming weeks

18 Nov 2009 Richard Murden Reserve, Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield
Dave McKenna Ph 9743 1376

28 Nov 2009 Castle Hill Uringa Xmas Party
Gayle Shepherd Ph 95266229
Organisational email will follow real soon

29 Dec 2009 Belanglo State Forest Day 3 Christmas 5 days
Zuzu and Jitka

20 Jan 2010 Breakfast Point Cabarita Park, Cabarita Road, Cabarita
Matt Peters Ph 9879 5089

25 Jan 2010 Callan Park Sydney Sprint Series Date to be confirmed
Linda and Lisa

stay tuned for more news as it happens

And do not forget the Annual Presentation Dinner on 14th November at North Ryde RSVP to Association by 9th November

Sunday, October 18, 2009


After the hectic Sprint Events in Sydney all gear was packed and off to Lithgow.

The weather was to prove anything but kind. The Monday set up was achieved amidst rain showers and Tuesday continued with a similar pattern of wind, rain and cold.

Fortunately our accommodation proved to be warm and the kitchen dished up huge helpings of great food to the late arrivals.

Wednesday dawned all too quickly and the trip to Long Swamp just north of Lithgow proved to be cold and damp.

The event was run in bitterly cold conditions. The Uringa Finish team were lucky as in the main they stayed relatively dry except for those competing. Any whingeing about how cold it was was met with _ "Your lucky you are not on Start 1"

This start was horrendous. besides being at the end of a steep climb it was exposed to all the elements and the start team were there from around 7am until well after midday. They clung to the side of the hill in atrocious conditions and carried out their tasks without flinching- they were the heroes of this carnival.

Meanwhile back at the finish disaster befell our Mo. She unfortunately missed her 8th control and as a result meant that she would be non competitive in the finals on Saturday. Sarah Garnett also fell foul to the miss-punch hoodoo.

Spare a thought for Ted Mulherin as he ended up in plaster after a breaking his ankle. get well soon!

Thursday saw us at Cullen Bullen state forest. A new map ( we are using it next year as part of a two day with Central Coast). I had run on this area undertaking test runs about 2 months before.

The second qualifier was staged in better weather conditions however there were still cold winds gusting through the area and an occasional shower or two.

There were a number of strong results.

Friday was rest day. For some- Movies, wineries were on the menu and some went to the event site to assist in setting up for Saturday's finals. Others were battling with the complexities of setting up the start list for the finals. - 6 1/2 hours work.

Saturday saw everyone smiling as there was a big frost and usually after a big frost you have a perfect day and that is what we had.

Whilst it was cool to start it was indeed perfect running weather.

Runners were soon returning and the versatile Uringans were popping up everywhere lending a hand.

By 2pm we were well into the presentation and the Finish team were just that. Cables unplugged, computers stowed and all that remained was to shoe horn it all into the car ready for the trip home.

Uringans are a funny lot. After JWOC where so much of the day was spent out in the forest away from the event -the finish was right where the action is. However they were all itchy to get involved and were off doing all sorts of jobs everywhere . Great effort everyone.
This day is very much what may have been.
Maureen ran in the W75 final her time would have won but alas her time did not count.
Sarah was similar with a non competitive time but she would have finished 12th in her final.

Linda Sesta was our highest placed competitor with a fantastic 6th place in W40.


W40A Linda Sesta 6th
W45B Lisa Lampe 3rd
W50B Margaret Wilmott 10th
W50B Sarah Garnett nc
W55A Jan Sargood 25th
W60B Angela Murray 9th

W75A Maureen Ogilvie nc
M50A Mark Darvodelsky 19th
M55A Nick Wilmott 10th
M55B Rick Steele mp
M60A Dave Lotty 39th
M65A Dick Ogilvie 25th
Sarah finishing in the Sprints
Linda finishing in the sprints
Ingrid assist Ron on computers
The most dangerous job of all returning maps!
All hands on deck for sprint set up
The all day Finals start draw

There were those Uringans who went to the events to help out only
Long Events:
Gayle, Helen, Anne, Ingrid, Arthur, Jitka and Zuzu and the Jones family who were out far from the action at a water stop.
Sprint Events
Gayle, Helen, Anne, Arthur, Mary Jane, Matt, Jitka, Zuzu.

Now what is next? World championships?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos from Sprint Saturday - the Workforce

They're mobile phone photos but still give a flavour of the times (too busy during the actual running to take photos, only time during down time - oh, well).

Uringa and Central Coast work well together.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well what a day at Sydney Olympic Park as once again our very own mighty Maureen Ogilvie climbed to the pinnacle of world orienteering ranks with a big win in Womens 75 years. Maureen finished over a minute in front.
It is most important to mention here that the courses for the final were set by Nick Wilmott and that Dick Ogilvie was the controller for the qualifying event held at Macquarie University the day before.

A number of Uringans also took part in the day: In almost all age classes there were A Finals and B finals.
Angela Murray finished a very creditable 12th in W60A, Jan Sargood was 25th in W55A, Sarah Garnett 29th in W50A and Marg Wilmott enjoyed her run in W50B finishing 25th.
Lisa Lampe unfortunately had a miss punch in W45B and Linda Sesta was close to the pace in W40A finishing 6th less than a minute from the leaders.
Dave Lotty was placed 3rd in the M60B and Rick Steele was 9th in M55B

Everyone is now heading to Lithgow for a 3 more races in the Long Distance Discipline.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another celebration of Australian-Swiss relations

Callan Park CATI and Schools Final

The perfect Sydney early spring day saw a good turn out of Uringans to run a Come-and-try-it together with the Schools series final under the direction of Jan Sargood. There are always jobs to do for both the unskilled and the skilled, and it's a good chance to get to know club members and how orienteering works.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

NSW Champs

For those who stayed at home and missed the NSW Champs at Tumbarumba you certainly missed a great event. Whilst the weather was very chilly and we were indeed fortunate to be in the cars heading for Tumbarumba when a large storm hit, flooding roads and making driving a little interesting.
The get together at the pub great although Sarah's lamb cutlets were just plain crumby. Mind you we indulged in a very nice bottle or two of local red...

Anyway the Burngoogee maps are good running and certainly had a more than one trick up their sleeve to catch the unwary punter.
Saturday Middle Distance Championship
W40A Jane McKenna 4th
W45A Lisa Lampe 4th
M60A Dave Lotty 5th
M65A Dick Ogilvie 3rd
M45AS Rick Steele 1st
Ron Pallas 3rd
W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1st
W35AS Gayle Shepherd 2nd
W50A Sarah Garnett mp

Sunday Long Distance Champs
W21AS Jane McKenna 3rd
W45A Lisa Lampe 4th
M60A Dave Lotty 3rd
M65A Dick Ogilvie 3rd
M45AS Rick Steele 2nd
Zuzu 5th
Ron Pallas 6th
W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1st
W35AS Gayle Shepherd mp
W50A Sarah Garnett 4th
M35AS Dave McKenna 1st

Dave McKenna was running injured after winning their soccer grand final on Saturday.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NSW Champs Tumbarumba

Good weekend of running from an elite group of Uringan members.

Here you see the planning meeting at the Tumbarumba Pub on Saturday night.

Note the energy supplements in hand.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guess who is a Grandmother?

No need to guess just check out the smiling faces

Roy was born on Monday 10th August 23.12 hrs and weighed in at 3.460kg
Jo and David are on cloud 9 and Gayle can't stop smiling

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well folks as the closing date for entries slides off the calendar the entry lists reveals a healthy dose of Uringans competing in the World Masters Orienteering Championships in October.

In no particular order we have:
Dick Ogilvie M65, Dave Lotty M60, Sarah Garnett W50, Angela Murray W60, Lisa Lampe W45, Linda Sesta W40, Rick Steele M50, Jan Sargood W55, Maureen Ogilvie W75, Margaret Wilmott W50, Nick Wilmott M55 and Mark Darvodelsky M50.

Along the way we have Dick Ogilvie who is controller for the Sprint Qualifier and Nick Wilmott who is planner for the Sprint Finals ( Macquarie Uni and Sydney Olympic Par respectively).

There are a number of Uringans who will be on board to assist either in Sydney on 9th, 10th 11th or around Lithgow later in the week 14th - 17th.
With entries over 1000 in both the Sprint and the Long it will be the largest entry event in NSW that I can remember.
Naturally if you haven't let me know you are available to assist on any or all of the days contact me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Northern Territory Orienteering Championships

The Top End Orienteers (TEO) put on a terrific 3 day event at the beginning of the month. I was the top ranking Uringan in all I was the only one of us there. (This is a corollary to my long term strategy of orienteering until there is no one left alive in my age class.) The good news for me though was that I actually came first in my age class in the sprint around Charles Darwin University - the 'practice' run around Newcastle University as part of QBIII was clearly good training.
TEO provided not only orienteering, but also airplanes, history, music and great food. The photos tell the story. (Photo above thanks to TEO.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Glorious weather, and a good Uringa turnout.

These pictures with thanks from the Newcastle Orienteers website at

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Boos Farewell

Ok kids, where's the greens !!!

A big Uringa crowd gathered at Jane & Dave's to farewell our Swiss expats Sibylle, Matthias, Noel and Corsin. Food was excellent sprinkled with much laughter throughout the evening!

Before dessert was served we all sat down in the "cinema" to view some photos of the Boos family in action. Ron gave an impromptu speech and presented the family with a piece of original Sydney sandstone on a mount, courtesty of Gayle's backyard.

The "cinema"

The culinary highlight was the dessert buffet which featured a carrot cake bake-off between Switzerland and Australia, the jury is still out to decide the winner !! Margrit also went to a lot of trouble baking a beautiful cake decorated with a perfect Swiss flag !

Australia vs Switzerland - carrot cake off!

And the winners were: our stomachs!

The evening ended with Uringans coming alive at "The Sound of Music" !

Sibylle, Matthias, Noel and Corsin have been with our club for the last 2 years and we will all miss their companionship. As we bid them farewell, we wish them all the best settling back into Swiss life. They will always be part of the Uringa family.