Friday, July 30, 2010

Swiss Tour-O - It wasn't all orienteering (electric bikes in the Emmental

3rd Swiss Tour-O - introduction

The Swiss Tour-O is a great combination of orienteering, sight-seeing, and eating, in a multinational group sharing a common interest in orienteering. The events are put on by local clubs. The Tour goes for a week and ends at a major event, this year the World Master's Orienteering Championships.

Seven Uringans joined the tour (Helen, Terry, Maureen, Dick, Lisa, Michael and Mary Jane) with four making this their third Tour-O.

Presentations to the 18 participants of all three Tour-Os
Helen displays their reward

Monday, July 12, 2010


No it was not a problem for the sailing ship Mittagong but the event called the Sydney Orienteering Series #2 held at Soapy Flat Mittagong on Sunday 11th July

Despite rather ambiguous directions 112 competitors braved the cold and damp conditions to run. The courses set by the Wilmott clan took in the best the map had to offer. As an added bonus the Red 1 course began with a 2.3km loop that was the Blue course, they then ran off into the bush for lap 2 but this time on the Red 2 course.

It was a big effort for our club to run the event as we were definitely down on numbers. A number of our usuals are currently heading O/S.

However a courageous team ran the start in rather damp conditions whilst the finish team had a much better time of it under the tent.

Club Results

Red 1

Ian Jones 7th

Red 2

Lisa Lampe 14th

Red 3

Dave Lotty 7th

Margaret Jones 15th

Jane McKenna 21st

Red 4

Angela Murray 5th

Lawrence Jones 9th


Georgia Jones 5th

Brian Cleland 6th


Jared McKenna 1st

Sophie Jones 2nd

The control collection and pack up fortunately was undertaken during a dry period.

However the clean up will take some time with tents, controls toilets tables etc all needing cleaning after the muddy conditions.