Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2017 Southern Sydney Summer Series has started

Begun just a few years ago to bring more orienteering to those living south of the harbour, the SSSS offers a relaxing and enjoyable late Sunday afternoon opportunity for a run, or a stroll.

The first three events this year (events 1 and 3 organised by Uringa) took participants along the beautiful Cooks River.  Dave Lotty set the course for Event 1 starting at Tempe.  Ant Nolan with assistance from Jane Boland set the course for Event 3 starting at Hurlstone Park.

2017 Australian Orienteering Carnival - Report 3

And then there was the second weekend, back up at Hill End.

Event 6 Australian Long Distance Championships

Women Junior B
1 Serena Doyle

Open Easy

1 William Nolan

Event 7 Australian Relay Championships - Individual Entry

The event managers put the teams together from individual entries. Feedback from club members participating was that this was a particularly enjoyable event...and it provided an opportunity to get to know other orienteers.

Like any relay, the first runners start together, run the course, finish and hand over to their second runner. When the second runner finishes their course, they hand over to the third runner. 

And, of course, there was the opportunity to enjoy spring.

[Thanks to ONSW/OA albums for some photos.]

2017 Australian Orienteering Carnival - Report 2

Events 3, 4, and 5
Australian Schools Champs and the Bathurst 3 Days

The state schools teams were in fierce competition in the School Sport Australia Orienteering Championships. Uringan Serena Doyle was a member of the NSW team for these competitions.

The Bathurst 3 Days ran in parallel on the same maps. A less formal competition, the best two results were used to determine the overall winners.

While there were a number of club members running, almost no one ran fast enough, or accurately enough (even very experienced orienteers occasionally mis-punch), to make the podium.

Day 1 Roseberg State Forest

 Lovely forest, no big landmarks.

Day 2 All Saints College, Bathurst

A big campus, lots of buildings, people going in all directions, and you had to turn the map over half way.

Women G
3 Jane Boland

Day 3 Macquarie Woods

 Ups and downs, pine and eucalypt forest, and a flock of very noisy black cockatoos flapping over the course and assembly area.

[Thanks to ONSW/OA FaceBook photo albums for some photos.]