Monday, May 19, 2008

A Bit Grey in Orange

A small but hardy contingent of Uringans ventured west across the divide for two days of orienteering at Orange. Yours truly came well prepared after checking the BOM site to find that snow was predicted for the Sunday. You know how I love the cold!!! Half of us stayed in Canobolas Caravan Park, but a very hardy other half camped. Yes, really. Gayle, Linda and I shared one cabin - it had a very weak heater that was scarcely able to take the chill off. Luckily I had come prepared. My trusty fan heater travels with me in winter and was able to supplement the puny and inadequate efforts of the air conditioner. And it wasn't just me who appreciated it! Lucky Ron wasn't there, though, he would have had to strip off to his underwear...

Saturday's event was held at Kahli's rocks - one of those maps that looks as though someone splattered ink dots all over it. Quite challenging navigating for some of us, but Jan had a blinder and Linda and Sybille ran well as usual... The courses were interesting with a good variety of legs.

Afterwards many Uringans dined out in a convivial setting before retiring early in order to rest up for the next day's event.

Overnight it rained, but the temperature remained a little higher than expected and it rained overnight but didn't snow. Out at the event it was a chilly 5 degrees with a brisk wind blowing, however, it wasn't raining OR snowing. Linda broke out the tights she'd last worn in winter training in Switzerland. I wore a generous coating of thermals. Nick, Rick, Dick and the Daves went out in their usual light layers, Dave L complaining of the heat ...

Ophir Diggings was the site of the event, and most of us passed by bottomless pits from mining efforts of yore. One memorable control was set deep into an adit, and for some their next control could be reached through a connecting tunnel to a neighbouring adit. It was great running terrain with little underfoot and NO "fight" vegetation for a pleasant change. It was bit grey and overcast, but didn't stop the hardier Uringans from sharing a cuppa and route choice stories after the event (but it did stop the cold weather wusses such as myself - eager to return to a nice warm car out of the wind). Rick, Linda, Maureen and Nick had great runs, winning in their classes. Dave L had a good run coming second, with Dick not far behind for fourth. Jane and I were in a class of our own ... literally - ergo we were both winners, too. Noel and Gayle had very good times for third, and Dave M also had a third place, and Margaret finished a bit behind Gayle.

All in all it was another great weekend of orienteering, with interesting terrain and courses. And, of course, great company.

lisal (The Doc)