Friday, March 31, 2017

2016-2017 Sydney Summer Series WrapUp

Summer (roughly October to March!) is a busy time for street/park orienteering in Sydney. The longest, and longest running, this was the 26th.

There are 26 events. Final standings are based on the best 12 runs. The results below include any identified Uringan (member in 2016) who ran at least once. (Apologies to anyone inadvertently missed out.)

Why the whole list and not just the top three (who received cloth badges (and choice of a prize) at the presentation ceremony last night)? Well, it's good to know who participates. Some of us are 'rusted on', and know long term members of the club as well as other regular participants. Others might have only dipped their toes in the water so to speak, or only turn up occasionally due to other commitments, or like bush orienteering but not the city versions, or live too far away, or may think they are the only ones in their age category, or just don't like Wednesdays.

Junior Women
4 Sophie Jones
5 Georgia Jones

Open Women
8 Clare Murphy
18 Catherine Murphy

Masters Women
16 Melanie Christie

Veteran Women
6 Linda Sesta
16 Margaret Jones

SuperVet Women
3 Lisa Lampe
7 Adrienne Kirby
21 Gayle Shepherd
Legends Women
2 Helen Murphy
6 Mary Jane Mahony

Walking Women
13 Monica Brockmyre

Junior Men
15 Finn Mackay

Open Men
3 Ondrej Pavlu
16 Michael Weiner
49 Myall Quint

Masters Men
5 Laurent Billot
29 Owen Shepherd

Veteren Men
56 Ian Jones
72 John Fuller
83 David Southwell

SuperVet Men
12 Jim Mackay
25 Matt Peters
34 Oystein Nytro
51 Ron Pallas

Legends Men
19 Terry Murphy
24 Dave Lotty
28 Ian McKenzie

Immortal Men
6 Brian Cleland

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Winter season begins with ACT doubleheader

Although it seems an obvious match, cross-badging NSW and ACT events isn't a common occurrence. This year NSW State League Events #1 and #2 were cross-badged with the ACT Sprint Champs and the ACT Middle Distance Champs.And on top of this was National Orienteering League event. It made for a very well attended weekend (with Queensland and Victoria as well as some overseas countries also represented).

SL#1 = ACT Sprint Championships
Canberra Girls Grammar School offered multiple levels, sharp corners and a great assembly area and finish on the oval.

1 Maureen Ogilvie

2 Mary Jane Mahony

5 Linda Sesta

3 Maggie Jones

3 Sophie Jones
8 Serena Doyle

1 Maggie Mackay

1 Brian Cleland

3 Dick Ogilvie
11 Dave Lotty

9 Jim Mackay

2 Ian Jones

5 Shane Doyle
8 Ant Nolan

8 Finn Mackay

SL#2 = ACT Middle Distance Champs
Isaacs Ridge may be within Canberra, but that doesn't make it any less challenging than many more remote bush event areas.

1 Maureen Ogilvie

2 Mary Jane Mahony

1 Linda Sesta

4 Maggie Jones

1 Maree Doyle

4 Sophie Jones
7 Serena Doyle

3 Maggie Mackay

2 Brian Cleland

12 Dave Lotty
13 Dick Ogilvie

2 Ian Jones

Well, Shane Doyle should have been here but in order not to finish he took a fall and ended up in hospital with a deflated lung from a broken rib.

8 Finn Mackay

2 Jonathan Nolan

1 William Nolan

And we should mention Eschel Lipman who took out M21A. Eschel is visiting Australian from Israel for three months, and is welcomed into the Uringa community.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017-2018 Club Management

The club's Annual General Meeting is always held in February. It is the first social activity (other than at an orienteering event) as well as the annual club management meeting.

The club acknowledged the efforts of Linda Sesta who after 6 years as president passed the baton to a new club president. Linda's leadership of the club included ensuring the club celebrated its 40th birthday with great flair in 2014.

At the Annual General Meeting the election of Office bearers saw some new faces elected. 

2017 - 2018
  Jim Mackay
Vice President
  Ant Nolan
  Mary Jane Mahony
  Dave Lotty
  Linda Sesta
  Rick Steele
Social Activities Coordinator
  Gayle Shepherd assisted by Helen Murphy
Mapping & Events Officer
  Dave Lotty
Equipment Officers
  Ron Pallas, Nick Wilmott, Dave McKenna
Club Captain
  Ian Jones ( Interim)
Training Officer
  Maggie Jones (interim)
Medical Officer
Delegates to ONSW
  Linda Sesta, Jim Mackay Ant Nolan – Brian Cleland to be   alternate delegate

Sydney Park Sprint

Sydney Park on 19 February was the club's last sprint (and last 2017-2018 summer season) event.

Dave McKenna set a very well received course Sydney Park map that made wide-ranging use of the park lands.

 This park  offers a wide range of features: the hills! the bush! the water features!.

  On a late Sunday afternoon there were, of course, a lot of other park users to run among...maybe someday we will have little orienteering flyers to hand out as we duck and weave on such days.
 And, of course, there was cake.