Thursday, May 19, 2011

SL3 & 4 Chapter 2

Is this the next move you will see on "So You Think You Can Dance" or Nick getting a little Physio on the wounded hip?

Well you have read about the cold and windy weather- you have viewed a number of photographs and so now it is time to get the news on just how well Uringans performed over the weekend.

Saturday - Macquarie Woods

W45AS Sue Bolton 5
Mopen B Brian Cleland 2

M/Wopen C Antonia Coyle 2

M55A Ross Coyle 5

M35AS John Fuller 3

W50A Sarah Garnett 2

W50A Lisa Lampe 3

W14A Georgia Jones 1

M45A Ian Jones 2

M16A Lawrence Jones 2

W40A Maggie Jones 2
W10A Sophie Jones 2

M65A Dick Ogilvie 2

M65A Dave Lotty 4

W60A Mary Jane Mahony mp

W21AS Jane McKenna 2

W65A Angela Murray 1

W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1

M45AS Ron Pallas 10

W50A Jan Sargood mp

M45AS Aldo Sesta 12

W40A Linda Sesta 1

W35AS Gayle Shepherd 4

M50A Rick Steele 4

W50A Margaret Wilmott mp

M50A Nick Wilmott 5

And on Sunday Roseberg State Forest

W45AS Sue Bolton mp

MopenB Brian Cleland 5

M55A Ross Coyle 2

M35AS John Fuller 2

W50A Sarah Garnett 2

W14A Georgia Jones 2

M45A Ian Jones 1

M16A Lawrence Jones 2

W40A Maggie Jones 3

W10A Sophie Jones 3

W50A Lisa Lampe 4

MopenB Michael Lloyd 4

W60A Mary Jane Mahony 4

W21AS Jane McKenna 3

M10A Jared McKenna mp

W65A Angela Murray 2

W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1

W50A Jan Sargood mp

W40A Linda Sesta 1

W35AS Gayle Shepherd 3

M55A Rick Steele 8

W50A Margaret Wilmott 6

Quite a good weekend for Uringa

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Training Session 2 Report from Maggie

Tuesday night was the first of the track sessions open to Uringa and friends, run by Spot Anderson of Bondifit. The night was dry and cool, perfect for the ‘test for a man’ session that Spottie had set us! After a lot of stretching of important muscles – hammies, glutes, jaw muscles as we met the other squaddies – and some insider information on how not to fall over in the warm-up exercise, we were off curve running; fast around the curves and a gentle jog on the straight. By lap 3 we were nicely warmed up, and after some run drills to make sure we looked like champions, we were ready for the anaerobic threshold set. This involved 1km repetitions starting at 60% effort and then taking off 20 seconds per km until you could do no more. Before we started the main set Spot asked which of us had been racing at the weekend. A forest of hands went up as lots of the squad had been running the Sydney Half Marathon. Racers are granted a 20% easier time only having to build to 80% effort rather than flat out. Hmmmm. There was a momentary hesitation amongst the orienteers and then all their hands went up, too – well, SL3&4 count as races, don’t they?!

Spot split us up into newbies and old hands, with the newbies given special treatment with the other coach for the evening, known as ‘the Run Through King’. A brief chat to decide on starting speeds, which ranged from 8 minutes per km to 5 minutes per km, and some maths lessons on how to split a km into 200m slices for pacing purposes and we were off. This was the point at which those who hadn’t brought a watch which could mark laps looked around for a new friend to pace with. Despite a determination to only run to 80% by the end of the session it was clear from the warm faces and heaving sides, that the speed bug had affected us and a good effort had been put in by all. A warm down and the first track session for orienteers with Bondifit was complete. And who came along? Well, look at the photo and when Garingal beat us at the next Metro do not be surprised...

We’ll be there same time next week, folks – look forward to seeing you there.


The new tent!
Aldo and Ron - the engine room!

See we weren't playing Minesweeper as Alex Orr finishes!

The Jones's were hard at work at the Junior catering

Michael, a picture of sartorial elegance finishes

Even colour coordinated undies!

Sarah sprints to the tent

Rick matches Sarah's blinding finish sprint

The discussion regarding which way home, Bell's, Great Western Highway or Crookwell

Jane was heard commenting on Nick's sore hip - "He needs to see a physio!"

Jan was in an inquisitive mood a wherever she went the controls just weren't there

Where are the instructions in how to fold a tent?

See us blokes don't need instructions when there is a women around to tell as how to do it!

The delightful Jones clan ran the string course. It was very popular with a unique reward system. Well done

A great weekend.

A busy time for us all coming up

Metro League at Appin on 29th

Nosh Footrace - water under the Bridge on 5th June as well as Orienteering fun day on run by Helen at Callan Park
QB111 in Lithgow and then our event on 19th June at Centennial Park.

Busy time ahead!





And it made it to minus 5 a little further down the road but the camera was getting a little bit upset.

These photos were taken on Sunday morning as we set out to go to Roseberg State Forest to set up for State League 4.

We were very fortunate in that whilst it was chilly the sun was out and the wind was down. The assembly area was bathed in light and warmth.

It appeared that all competitors were pleased to be sitting out in such lovely weather as many did not leave for some time after the event.


Brand new and never been biffed until!

Was it a kangaroo?

An errant wombat?

There is a story here somewhere..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Uringa Training Officer Maggie reports on first training session

Sunday dawned bright and sunny which was a relief as the exercises planned required much drawing and scribbling, and marker pens do not work well in the rain. We had a good turnout for the first training event of the year, with just over twenty people coming along.

There were two main exercises, both focussing on map memory and none using compasses.

The first was a point to point, or Nordic course. Here the runners are shown a map with the start and first control on it. They then had to run, without the map, to the 1st control point, where there was a map showing the 2nd control and so on around the course. The idea is to remember enough of the map that you don’t have to run back to the previous control to check where you are supposed to be going! People were clearly concentrating as I don’t think anyone had to retrace their steps – or maybe they just didn’t admit to it?!

The second exercise was a little trickier and a bit more work. Here the runners had to run to a map posted some distance away from the start, which had the entire course marked on it. They then had to come to the start and were given a plain piece of paper with just the course overprint on it. They had to draw on enough detail on the paper, so that they could get to the first couple of controls of the course. They then ran to the checkpoints using their hand drawn map, and coming back to the start to do the same procedure for the next couple of controls. I had a look at the maps that had been drawn and it was incredible to see the difference between the detail that had been included for the first couple of controls compared to that for the last few. Aidan Dawson was surprised at just how simple you could make the features and still be able to navigate to the control. The word of warning from him was not to be so simple that you didn’t know on which side of a path you were supposed to be looking! Lisa Lampe said she found that without the compass she relied less on direction and more on specific features, something she said felt like sprint orienteering. I shall have to put the next map memory training in some deep dark bushland and see if she still feels like that!

It was good to see everyone who came along. Angela Murray was one of the first to arrive which helped calm my worries that no-one but the Joneses were going to be coming to training. Dave Lotty pretended he had only come along to get Mary Jane to sign some cheques for him but it wasn’t long until he was stripped down to his shorts and donning his signature headband. Brian Cleland and Ian Mackenzie quickly sized up the exercises and were off without much need for explanation from yours truly. Ron Garner and his son Adam whom we met at a Sydney Summer Series at Sydney Olympic Park, were among the new faces. We also welcomed Cormac McMullan and his son Sean, a new family who has recently joined Uringa. There was another son but he was injured from a vicious rugby encounter with another Sydney school and unable to run. We hope he is recovered soon so we can have more entries into the Junior Series and mount some sort of a challenge to the Garingal juniors this year! One of our other juniors, Jared McKenna, was out playing soccer instead of orienteering – argh! but Jane upheld the family honour, getting in some good preparation for the State League events next weekend. Garingal families, the Dawsons and Curries, were also along and on good form. Michele and Aidan whipped around the courses quickly which brought out the mean streak in both Ian and me. Ian invented the IJK race – a time trial to three more distant controls which Lawrence dubbed the ‘Ian Jones Kilometre’ but which was clearly longer than that and probably owed more to the letters he had printed on the control points! Duncan and Georgia were also looking too relaxed so I encouraged them to join Sophie as she did a map transcription exercise (described by Dave McKenna over a recent dinner) which involved multiple hill reps. It was gratifying as the coach to see them all end up sweaty and out of breath! I shall be asking Dave for some more ideas....

The next training is a track session on the 17th May at ES Marks track in Kensington at 6.30pm sharp. I’m hoping people will come and give it a try.