Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Congratulations to Bronwyn Steele for running her first ever marathon.
As well as registering this great milestone Bronwyn through the Cantoo organisation raised a considerable sum of money for Cancer research.
Well done Bronwyn


The following maps were used for the Baroossa Aussie carnival
Australian Middle Distance Champs
South Australian Champs

Australian Sprint Champs

Australian Long Champs

Australian Relays M55 course

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baroossa and Back 2010

Gayle- "I finished- at last!"

Georgia heading for the finish
Spot the error on the clockface
Maggie, Simon and Gayle
Ian checking out relay progress
It was wet in South Australia
Lawrence heading to the spectator control

Goodness it was perhaps the smallest contingent of Uringans at a national Champs for some time with just 10 members making the trip. For those who were unable to make it was without a doubt the greenest that I have seen SA in my lifetime. Full dams and water in creeks were evident on each map (except the relays)

The carnival kicked off with the Australian Middle champs on “Lady Alice Goldfield”. As the name implied there was a evidence of the gold rush with ruins and mine shafts in abundance. The early part of the course featured some outstanding gold mining detail and the latter 1/3 was open fast running – good for some!
Ian Jones M40 3rd
Maggie Jones W40A 10th
Sophie Jones W10 8th
Georgia Jones W12 3rd
Lawrence Jones M14A 13th
Dave Lotty M65A 9th
Dick Ogilvie M65A 6th
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 1st
Gayle Shepherd W55A 9th
Ron Pallas M55A 29th

The South Australian Long Champs was held the following day on “Mack Creek”. The area was predominantly spur gully with some rock. It was a beautiful area and the gullies were alive with grass and flowers.

Ian Jones M40 3rd
Maggie Jones W21AS 1st

Sophie Jones W10 7th
Georgia Jones W12 2nd
Lawrence Jones M14A 13th
Dave Lotty M65A 10th
Dick Ogilvie M65A 3rd
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 1st
Gayle Shepherd W35AS 6th
Ron Pallas M35AS 12th

Mid week was dedicated to the Schools Champs. One had to feel rather sorry for all the schools teams as they were sleeping in tents and the area had its coldest week for some many years.
Lawrence Jones was our only “squadie’ and he was a reserve in the very strong Junior boys team. Lawrence ran well in the individual to finish 23rd and his relay team was 10th in the junior boys. This is Lawrence’s first year in the squad so next year at Wagga he will be hoping to step into the main team.
Sister Georgia is busting her boiler to get into the Schools Team next year!

The “Beat the Brats” event was quite popular with the same courses offered as for the Schools Individual
Ian Jones H1 7th
Maggie Jones H2 23rd
Dave Lotty H2 33rd
Dick Ogilvie H2 40th
Maureen Ogilvie M2 11th

Following the Schools relay there were two events. The first, a teams event and the second a night event. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate results for these.

Friday saw everyone back to school- Trinity College in fact. This was the venue for the Australian Sprint Championships. (Should be called Short not sprint!)
The map was of the school campus and was great fun. The courses whilst well set could not match the complexities of say Macquarie university for the number and size of buildings
Ian Jones M40 10th
Maggie Jones W40A 3rd
Sophie Jones W10 – 12 7th
Georgia Jones W10 - 12 3rd
Lawrence Jones M14A 17th
Dave Lotty M65A 2nd
Dick Ogilvie M65A 5th
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 2nd
Gayle Shepherd W55A 13th
Ron Pallas M55A 19th

And so it was off to “Tanunda Creek” we headed for the Australian Champs. The map was predominantly yellow with a lot of granite strewn across it. The courses made use of the granite outcrops but is was only when there were two or three controls set in the more complex areas that you had to work hard. Yes plenty of people made mistakes getting to the areas too. By now the weather had cleared and the sun had come out!

Ian Jones M40 4th
Maggie Jones W21AS 1st
Sophie Jones W10 7th
Georgia Jones W12 3rd
Lawrence Jones M14A 20th
Dave Lotty M65A 3rd
Dick Ogilvie M65A 22nd
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 2nd
Gayle Shepherd W35AS 8th
Ron Pallas M35AS 7th

Our final event Aussie Relays was out east of the Barossa- on an area called “Rock Oyster” It was littered with shells and steep. If you were'nt going up on this map you were going down. It was indeed a very complex spur gully area and it was easy to make small errors which became larger ones if you lost contact.

Results ( team placing )
Ian Jones M35 - 3rd
Maggie Jones W21AS - 6th
Georgia Jones M/W12 – 2nd
Lawrence Jones M16 – 13th
Dave Lotty and Dick Ogilvie M65A – 2nd
Maureen Ogilvie W65A - 1st
Gayle Shepherd W45A - mp (not Gayle)
Ron Pallas M55A – 12th

What a week. The attraction of the Barossa saw orienteers sampling products of the grape in any number of wineries. Others dropped in on Maggie Beer (cook and the Chef fame). The bakeries, eateries and coffee emporiums were flat out dealing with the trade.
This areas fantastic and the maps were great, the competition fierce and camaraderie as always second to none.
For those who did not make the trip – pity cos’ it was a blast!
Now are you thinking of heading to Perth for Easter (22nd April - 1st May) have a look at the following website for information.
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