Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Uringa Orienteers Annual General Meeting

The club's annual general business and social meeting was held on February 24, 2012. Club officers for 2012 are:

President                                     Linda Sesta
VicePresident                             Lisa Lampe
Secretary                                     Mary Jane Mahony
Treasurer                                     Dave Lotty
Webmaster                                  Dave McKenna          
Blogmaster                                  Rick Steele
Social Secretary                         Gayle Shepherd
Events & Mapping Officer         Dave Lotty
Equipment Officers                    Ron Pallas, Nick Wilmot, Matt Peters
Club Captain                               Brian Cleland
Training Co-ordinator                Maggie Jones
Medical Officer                            Lisa Lampe
Delegates to OANSW (2)          Linda Sesta, Ron Pallas

Much business was addressed (minutes will be distributed via the email list SOON).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contour training

Last Sunday Maggie Jones (and her Jones' entourage) offered  exercises in reading contours at Sydney Park. It was a marvelous sunny Sunday morning for a run (or a walk, for some of us) in the park, and we learned a few things, too.