Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kokoda Trail Wows Everyone

 Uringa's first event in the Northern Sydney Summer Series (the Wednesday Summer Series) was superbly planned and organised by Helen Murphy and Matt Peters. They were ably assisted by a loyal band of Uringans.  The weather was perfect, no mean achievement given the pouring rain of the previous days and the forecast of more to come later in the week.

Rhodes Park offered the a sheltered assembly area, a cafe which stayed open beyond the normal call of duty, and some experience of the Kokoda Trail information sites.

The Foreshore Trail distracted with information boards about the natural environment.

Concord Hospital offered a maze of buildings along with some historic sandstone on the peninsula, and a pathway to the horse paddocks and beyond

Helen Murphy made sure a lot of first timers got the advice they needed.

Matt Peters and Catherine Murphy coped with the 201 registrations.
Thanks to Rotary for this massive picnic shelter. Tables and benches, electricity, and a car park near by.

Ron Pallas was his usual calm and collected self...just don't ask him about Control/s 105.

Catherine Murphy is encouraging a potential new Uringan.
Helen Murphy promoted the event to everyone she knew in the greater Concord area to come and try orienteering. They came,  from coffee shop and Catholic Church. 
Penny Field oversaw the very well located start from a peaceful, cool bench (but serenaded by repeated Kokoda Trail voice-activated information).
Linda Sesta was still in Switzerland. Through smart phone magic, she checked in with Aldo Sesta, Lisa Lampe and Helen Murphy to find out how the event was going.

The electronic registration and results was ably staffed by Ron Pallas, Brian Cleland and Aldo Sesta. Ron had already demonstrated his commitment to orienteering by stopping by the shelter late one night to confirm the electricity would be on if we had to work into the dark.
And so we did. A small number of runners did not download at the end of their run. When this happens the event organisers have to identify the missing people, and if appropriate organise a search. A sophisticated database not withstanding, it was still back to alphabetising the entry forms and checking off names. Thank heavens for that electricity and those tables.
Were we really in the middle of Sydney?

There was some bush.... well, a copse.
The hospital was a complex of big and small buildings.

Control 63 ('Book Depository') not only acknowledge the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination but was a Control 105.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Southern Sydney Summer Series - Marrickville

Uringa is making quite a contribution this year to the development of the Southern Sydney Summer Series. This was the club's second event in the series, organised by Brian Cleland. While the day held some (much welcome) rain in the morning, it was cool, but dry in the afternoon.  Each event in SSSS has seen some participants new to orienteering, and this event tracked a rather large multi-generational group, whom Dave Lotty ably tutored in the basics. Ron Pallas was again at the computer helm, assisted by Sophie (who was recovering from having her appendix removed recently).