Sunday, October 5, 2008

Uringa Runs Hot at the Aussie Champs

Whilst there wasn’t the large travelling group competing at the Australian Champs, there were a lot of Uringans who “medalled”.

Unfortunately we did not manage any firsts, but 2nds there were many:

Noel Boos M12A, Matthais Boos M35AS, Mark Darvodelsky M45A, Sybille Boos W40A, Helen Murphy competing in W55AS all scored a 3rd place on the podium.

Dick Ogilvie, Dave Lotty and Terry Murphy were 10th , 12th and 24th respectively in M60A. Lisa Lampe ran very well for 5th in W45A. Angela Murray was a very creditable 12th in W65A and Maureen came in 5th in W75A.

While most returned to Sydney after the event Maureen and Dick stayed on for the Australian MTBO Championships.

The competitors raced over a Sprint, Middle and Long distance events. Maureen finished a close second behind Joyce Rowlands in W70A in the Sprint and Middle, but turned the tables to take 1st place in the Long. Dick was placed 8th, 7th and 9th in the Sprint, Middle and Long in M60A. Well done to you both and your trusty “speedwell” bikes.

Ron's remarks, posted by Rick.