Saturday, February 20, 2010


The 2010 AGM hosted by the McKenna's at Breakfast point saw little change in club officers with all 2009 office bearers being returned for 2010 with only one change in the delegates to OANSW.
President Ron Pallas
VicePresident Margaret Wilmott
Secretary Mary Jane Mahony
Treasurer Arthur Durham
Blogmaster Rick Steele
Social Secretary Gayle Shepherd
Events Officer Nick Wilmott
Equipment Officers Matt Peters, Ron Pallas and Nick Wilmott
Club Captain Dave McKenna
Training Co-ordinator Nick Wilmott
Mapping Officer Dave Lotty
Medical Officer Lisa Lampe
Delegates to OANSW Ron Pallas, Dave McKenna

There was much discussion at the meeting on the following points:
Events in 2011 - It was thought that it is important that our major event planners / controllers and organisers be able to have a one year on one year off rotation. In saying this we really need to encourage people to take on these tasks. It was felt that the best way to do this is to offer a mentoring scheme where for example the planner for a major event in 2010 mentors a member who is interested in planning an event in the future. In that way the new person gains insight and understanding of just what the job entails and begins to learn skills in that job. A survey to members will be sent out in a few weeks time.
There are 4 main areas for each major event:
course planning
course controlling (checking the work of the planner)
event organisation
sportident event management
New Members - it was agreed we need to ensure that we contact and involve new members in our club.
Ideas - there were some ideas that the executive will frame to be put to OANSW about membership and recruitment. Stay tuned as Mary Jane, Margaret and I write these up.

And then there was the social side and over a great supper ( thanks to all) there was much chat about a variety of topics. A number of members were discussing trips various overseas orienteering events.
Keith and Rick were a font of knowledge on cooking having begun a cooking course recently.

A good night was had by all.

For those who are regular travelling orienteers I received a great email from Hugh Moore (ACT). Hugh was poleaxed by a life threatening disease last year which left in in intensive care for a long time. News of his recovery has been circulating for some time. He is entered for the Clandulla events although he says that he will be walking. He is back to doing short runs but in very safe and secure areas such as parks where the risk of tripping etc is very minimal. Throughout his ordeal he has been very positive. It will be great to see Hugh at Clandulla.