Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SL2 - Ophir Diggings

Perhaps the best thing about running at Ophir Diggings is that if you meet a fellow competitor out there there is a chance that they may fall down a mining pit!
The are is sparsely vegetated and has a fair covering of broken stone. the sluice lines are very interesting to follow and the mine shafts and addits are something to be seen.
For Uringa there were some notable results ( see table below).

Class Place Name Time
M/W 10N 4 Ingrid Wilmott 36.47
M10A 1 Corsin Boos 18.52
M21AS 5 Dave McKenna 82.28
M35AS 1 Matthias Boos 59.08
2 Jane McKenna 70.03
M45AS 2 Rick Steele 58.52
5 Ron Pallas 67.47
M50A 1 Mark Darvodelsky 57.45
M60A 2 Dave Lotty 57.35
3 Terry Murphy 63.36
M65A 2 Dick Ogilvie 57.29
W35AS 1 Anne Darvodelsky 70.32
- Gayle Shepherd mp
W40A 1 Sibylle Boos 67.39
2 Linda Sesta 74.04
W45A 2 Lisa Lampe 101.07
W45AS 4 Helen Murphy 75.29
W50A 8 Sarah Garnett 67.27
9 Jan Sargood 70.22
11 Margaret Wilmott 103.30
W60A 4 Angela Murray 74.08
6 Mary Jane Mahoney 114.15
W75A 2 Maureen Ogilvie 87.16

"The Mag" was particularly chuffed by his weekend orienteering managing to run with great speed and accuracy on both days and stay within a respectable gap of "The Lotty"
Mary Jane was also pleased as she hung in there to finish her course and still managed a smile.

Enough of the orienteering- it was amazing just how many Uringans sniffed out the same coffee shop in Bathurst on the way home.
PS I hope I didn't miss any results

Sunday, March 29, 2009

State League 1

Saturday - Lidsdale

There were some who thought the pines were a bit much but then again it was a good run for the first State league event of the year.

Uringa did pretty well.

Gayle Shepherd W35AS 45:10 3

Sibylle Boos W40A 53:03 4

Matthias Boos M35AS 43:27 1

Noel Boos M-12A dns

Corsin Boos M-10A 23:24 2

Lisa Lampe W45A 1:07:07 3

Dick Ogilvie M65A 46:58 2

Maureen Ogilvie W70A 43:51 1

Linda Sesta W40A 49:27 2

Sarah Garnett W50A 52:25 7

Rick Steele M45AS 33:17 1

Bronwyn Steele W-20A dns

Dave Lotty M60A 46:14 2

Terry Murphy M60A 51:54 5

Helen Murphy W45AS 37:00 1

Clare Murphy W21A dns

Margaret Wilmott W50A 1:11:57 9

Nick Wilmott M40A dns

Ingrid Wilmott M/W-10N mp

Mary Jane Mahony W60A 1:07:46 6

Angela Murray W60A 56:21 4

Dave McKenna M21AS 48:45 4

Jane McKenna M35AS 1:22:40 6

Jared McKenna M/W-10N dns

Jan Sargood W50A mp

Mark Darvodelsky M50A 41:26 2

Anne Darvodelsky W35AS 41:25 1

An impressive array of results.

Now the item of greatest concern was the damage done to Sarah's washing up hand. 4 stitches were required to close a massive cut on her hand. Her doctors suggested that a month off washing, cooking and cleaning were required. Rick is apparently seeking a second third and fourth opinion.

Perhaps the strangest happening in Bathurst was the convoy of cars seeking out a suitable coffee establishment. "The Mag" led the motorcade through Bathurst with Jan and Lisa following. They managed to restore caffeine levels to a suitably satisfying levels before heading off to their various places of rest ready for SL2 at Ophir Diggings.
Event Report to follow when results become available.

Phantom Photographer Framed at Last

It has taken a while, but at last the Phantom Photographer (PP) has been put in the frame. Caught red handed or is that red eyed, this blog poster can reveal the true identity of the PP.

It was hard work flushing him out from behind the camera but as these shots show he has been caught in action at Centennial park and what was worse was caught by a group of irate orienteers who asked for a "please explain" and then the PP had to get onto the phone to get some legal opinion as to whether his newly acquired flash career can continue.

The event at Centennial Park was an enjoyable day. Dick's 2 for one event offer was taken up enthusiastically by some.