Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What an Adventure !!

Aldo and I took part in the Kathmandu Adventure race last Saturday. The weather forecast was slightly on the diabolical side, but to our great relief it turned out to be a nice and sunny day for this race in the Royal National Park.
I think we did around about 35 km in 5 hours and 6 minutes and 27 seconds, but fatigue didn't set in until early evening, with Sunday spending most of the day in recovery (lucky that Aldo's soccer was cancelled!!!
We had to pass 20 checkpoints in total; first up we did about 10km on foot, up a steep hill then around the plateau (for the locals up the Honeymoon track, past the old visitor centre, temptation creek, loftus oval back down to Audley), then a quick transition to the kayaks (including filling up backpack with Mars bars - but you can't really eat or drink when you are kayaking anyway - so extra weight for nothing!). This was followed by a long transition to the bikes, then up/down the Lady carrington cycle way, trying to find checkpoints marked on the 1:25000 map wasn't that simple and we made sure we didn't overshot - would have cost way too much energy to go back......after nearly 2 hours on the bike (at which stage many of the other bikes had been collected by other competitors who were already on their way home (the fastest took 2.5 hours - insane!), our last transition was to the canoe station. That was a lot of fun, with the sun reflecting beautifully on the very calm river. We finally made it back, about 5th last in a field of about 200 !!
Anyway, it feels great to have actually finished the race, as we did this on the back of hardly any training !!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes folks it is heading for that time of the year!!!!!!

Uringa Orienteers
invites you to enter
Culinary League Event 3 – Hornsby Heights
The Bushland Shire
Incorporating the
“Curry Warming” Challenge

Date: Saturday, 19th June, 2010

Venue: 7 Wallace Close, Hornsby Heights

Terrain: Mild, hot and hotter

Map: “The Darvo” 1:100 2010

Courses: Entree M21A M-20A M35A 10.5km

Main M-16A M50A, W-20A, W35A 7.0km

Dessert M45AS M60A M65A W-16A W50A 4.9km

Drink BYO 2.5km

Enter on the Day: At the discretion of the organiser following a begging phone call before 6.00pm and accompanied by an exceptional curry dish
Time: There will be a mass start for all Culinary League classes at 7.00pm. No course closure time applies (unless an ambulance or fire brigade is called)
Entries close: 12th June, 2010
(late entries accepted at organiser’s discretion, late fee of chocolate may apply)
Entries to: Gayle Shepherd Ph: 9526 6229 or
Entry: Upon completion of the Entry Form to the ‘Other’ Shire below
Facilities: Ice-water, flushing toilets and catering by Uringa
Planner: Gayle Shepherd Controller: Anne & Mark Darvodelsky

In entering this culinary event you should recognise that the consumption of such food has certain inherent risks due to its conduct in the kitchen environment. Included in these risks are injury due to the volatile nature of hot curries and the effects of alcohol. You should also be aware that there is no personal diarrhoea insurance on your participation in the meal and that you consume at your own risk.

## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #####

Contact person: .........................................................
Phone : …........................
Email: .....................................

Preferred Course
Please indicate the course you would like to bring and what it is
Number coming

Thursday, May 20, 2010

State League 5 and the Macquarie Uni Sprint

As well as the Middle race there was the sprint at Macquarie Uni on Saturday morning. Once again there was only a small field of Uringans. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the map to scan in.



3rd Sophie Jones

4th Louis Mansfield

Boys Junior League 3rd Lawrence Jones

Girls Junior League 4th Georgia Jones

W45A Lisa Lampe 9th

W45A Sonia Kupina 10th

M45A Ian Jones 6th

M45A Alan Mansfield 16th

M55A Ian McKenzie 8th

NOL5 @ Belanglo State Forest- Miners Despair
(or rather older orienteers Despair!)

Wll this was a tough event. The courses were long and physically hard. The rock formations made it a long hard slog. Winnings times were long and so mere mortals were out for looooong times indeed.

A few re-inforcemts arrived for this event. There were some excellent performances overall.

M/W10N Jared McKenna 1st

Green EOD Jared McKenna 1st

M35AS Dave Mckenna 2nd

M45AS Ron Pallas 6th

M65A Dave Lotty 4th

M65A Dick Ogilvie 5th

W21AS Jane McKenna 4th

W35AS Gayle Shepherd 1st

W40A Linda Sesta 2nd

W45A Lisa Lampe 7th

W65A Angela Murray 2nd

W70A Maureen Ogilvie 3rd
Oh well Metros are on again in a week or two!

Monday, May 17, 2010

MIddle Distance at Wattle Ridge

Numbers in the Uringa camp were well and truly down with Uringans spread acroos the country doing a whole host of varying activities. For the orienteers the weekend was a triple header with sprint, middle and long distance races over the weekend.

The Middle distance was on Wattle Ridge and the rock features (Sydney Sandstone) are just amazing and quite tricky.
An avalanche of podiums was the order of the day.

W70A Maureen Ogilvie 1st
W65A Angela Murray 1st
W45A Lisa Lampe 5th
W40A Linda Sesta 1st
W35AS Gayle Shepherd 1st
W21AS Jane McKenna 3rd
M65A Dave Lotty 2nd
M65A Dick Ogilvie 4th
M45AS Ron Pallas 4th
M35AS Dave McKenna 1st

The area around controls from 8 to 12 is particularly tricky

Bronwyn CANDO for CANTOO

Once again congratulations to Bronwyn Steele for a fine performance in the Sydney Half Marathon.
130th female home and 21st in her age group and 792nd runner out of over 8000

Proud of you girl!
Psst: just heard our Bronny is looking at doubling the distance in September- this I will have to see!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Centennial Park Come and Try It

... and so they did. With Barbara Hill from Garingal rounding up load of new young runners for the first Junior League event we had record numbers for the event.

One matter which cropped up in post race discussion was the course setter's selection for the first control in the Short Orange course. Well yes it was a last minute map correction to add the feature to the map and was a tricky first control, but they do say its the thought sport!

It was marked as a boulder south west side.

So take a look for yourself and make up your own mind.

Then go to quizz on the front page of the blog and vote.