Sunday, February 22, 2015

Uringa's Club Officers for 2015

The results of the AGM on 20 February 2015 are in.

Club Executive

President: Linda Sesta
Vice President: Jim McKay
Secretary: Alice Westwood
Treasurer: Dave Lotty

Other Roles

Delegates to ONSW: Linda Sesta, Brian Cleland, Jim McKay
Social media:

  • Blogmaster: Rick Steele
  • Webmaster: Dave McKenna
  • FaceBook Administrator: Matt Westwood
Social activities coordination: Gayle Shepherd with Helen Murphy
Mapping & events: Dave Lotty
Club captain: Ian Jones
Training: Maggie Jones with Matt Westwood
Medical officer: Lisa Lampe
Equipment: Ron Pallas, Nick Wilmot, Dave McKenna

Congratulations Georgia!

Congratulations to Georgia who was selected into the "Targeted Talented Athlete Squad", part of the Orienteering Australia National Squads. This is a fantastic achievement as membership is by invitation only, based on performance analysis from major national events in 2014.
Well done Georgia and we wish you every success for the 2015 season.

The OA high performance pathway has been thoroughly reworked in the past 15 months to define a clearer path from talented junior to world championship athlete.
The squads are:
Elite High Performance Squad (EHPS)
High Performance Squad (HPS)
National Development Squad (NDS)
Australian Junior Development Squad (AJDS)
Targeted Talented Athlete Squad (TTAS)
As a member of an OA National Squad each athlete must:
*Create a Profile on the Orienteering Australia Athlete Management Platform (AMP). New squad members will receive an invitation to be a member of the AMP. This profile is to include- age, phone, email address, postal address, coaches name and contact, IOF ID, link to training log, athlete biography, photo.
*Maintain an Athlete Log- contact with squad coach
*Complete Race Analysis (under Evaluations) for all major events
*Prepare an Event Schedule for 2015
*Complete a Wellness Test at least once a month and log any illness or injury
*Regularly log on to AMP to check documents as all communication with athletes will be via AMP.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's a boy!!

Alice and Matt are excited to announce the birth of their son Cassius Christopher Westwood at 5:01am on 3rd December 2014. He was in a hurry to escape, arriving nearly 12 weeks early and weighing in at 3lb10, 41cm long. We were able to finally bring him home 8 weeks later on the 28th of January. Since coming home he's been very well behaved and has already made an appearance at a few events. Here's a recent picture of him looking nice and chubby,weighing more than double his birth weight.

We wish Alice & Matt all the love, happiness and joy with the new addition to their family and the best of luck in their new role as parents. No doubt he will have his running shoes on soon!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Olympic Park- Great event

A total of 22 Uringans took the chance to run in the hallowed grounds of the Olympic Precinct.
For me it was my first ever run there having been involved in the organisation of World Masters when the area was first used.
I am unsure what others thought but I must say it is a great area and very tricky indeed.
The area of the gardens contained 6 controls and it was easy to mis-read the many paths, gardens and buildings.
I have to put up my hand as a "naughty little boy" in that going from 9-10 I didn't even see the olive green as you approached the fence corner- mmm you cannot go through Olive Green. I was chipped and rightly so by Lisa who was using the correct route choice- out through the fence break, right turn and off to the fence corner. I must say that I didn't notice the olive green as I planned my route to 9-10-11-12 as I was heading to 8. I owned up at the finish!

Interesting was the discussion after the event as to whether to go to the left or right on the leg 12 - 13. It seemed most went left but I did see some heading right. I wonder which was the faster. Josh Blatchford went left suggesting that the route to the right put you through the car park where the rows of parked cars meant that you could not run straight.

Talking of out of bounds. The non working water feature at number 13 was another "catch you" moment as it was easy to run straight ahead going to 14.

I remembered the furore of one well known competitor from England who was DSQ for running through the water feature. He lambasted all and sundry, tried using his link to IOF etc etc etc- It was a saga that lasted a good two weeks. "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is a duck" If it is marked out of bounds- then it is out of bounds whether there is water coming out or not"

It was super to see Alice and Matt complete with baby Cassius. There was quite a queue forming to check him out. The worst of whom were Karen Blatchford and Gayle who I am sure were encouraging Cassius to wake up from his peaceful sleep so that could offer to nurse him.

Uringa runners did very well with Ondrej making it to the medal ceremony. coming in 3rd out of the 115 runners. ( A new record for Sunday arvo sprints.). Interestingly Helen beat home Terry by just 5 seconds!

Ondrej    3rd
Shane    8th
Catherine   18
Matt W    22
Matt P    39
Alice 41
Jim   49
Finn   70
Maree  80
Brian   81
Lisa   83
Helen   84
Terry   85
Jakob   87
Ron   90
Serena   94
Mary Jane   96
Dave    98
Jonathon   104
William   106

Unfortunately both Linda and Gayle mp

Coming Events

Don't forget the club's AGM on Friday 20th February 7.00pm for an 7.30pm start.

Uringa's next event is on Saturday afternoon 7th March at Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany. We will need all hands on deck as it is a National League event plus the First of this seasons State League events. This means that we should have an entry list of  250+ The NOL event gets underway at 2.30 and the State League at 3.30.
The NOL start will be quite complex as there are two heats in each age class . The runners do not know which heat that they are running until they pick up the map- so the right map must be given to the right runner. "Start Captain" Ian Jones will be casting a monitoring eye over this process.
We will need lots of helpers for this event- Everyone will be able to run so remember to enter the event :

To date we have:
Gayle, Ian, Maggie, Lawrence, Georgia, Sophie, Sarah, Rick, Lisa, Linda, Dave, Ron
Matt P and Dick are the  planner /controller.
If you can help out on the day please contact
Ron - ronpallas