Sunday, November 29, 2015

President's Cups Winners 2015

The annual President's Cups are awarded according to schemes never divulged. The cups are crafted by long time Uringan and potter Jitka Kopriva.
2015: Sophie, Adrienne, club president Linda, and Aldo
Complete history of the President's Cup Awards

Big Cup
Small Cup
Medium Cup
Villa Maria
Adrienne Kirby
Aldo Sesta
Sophie Jones
Butchers Block
Maggie Jones
Rick Steel
Michael Weiner
Exile Bay
Brian Cleland
Will Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
Penny Field
Callan Park
Ian Jones
Jared McKenzie

Grays Point
Ron Pallas
Matt Peters

Catherine Murphy
Clare Murphy

Villa Maria
Sarah Garnett
Helen Peters

Grays Point
Mary Jane Mahony
Sue Bolton

Villa Maria
Helen Murphy
Jane McKenna

Villa Maria
Maureen Ogilvie
John Fuller

Villa Maria
Linda Sesta
David McKenna

Villa Maria

Gayle Shepherd

Butchers Block
Matt Peters

Bronwyn Steele/
Thea Richardson
Rick Steele

Chris Mill
David Lotty


Ross Coyle
Patrick Murphy

Peters' Precinct
Dick Ogilvie
Nick Wilmott

Richo's Realm
Lisa Lampe
Michael Anderson

Bicentennial Park
Maureen Ogilvie
Ross Coyle

The Piggery
Anita Scherrer
Sue Bolton ?? Enock Strange

John Fuller
Jane McKenna

Margaret Wilmott
Maureen Ogilvie

Ray Lidgard

Terry Murphy
John Wilmott

Keith Richardson
Jan Sargood

Belanglo Creek
Michael Anderson
Wendy Fleming

2015 President's Cup and Christmas Party

The not-to-be missed event of the Uringan calendar year! (If you did miss it, put the last Saturday in November in your diary for 2017.)
  • Venue by Matt and Helen - congenial spaces, a chance to look over the recent renovations, and cricket on the TV for those in need.  Unfortunately, located at the top of the hill.
  • President's Cup event - Matt on behalf of club president Linda set a Hunters Hill challenge that required negotiation (teams of two deciding who would go where) and questions at control sites which required close reading (and occasionally some extra knowledge: who knew that Mary Reibey was once featured on the $20 note?, and to find out why Mary Reibey was important just ask Matt). There were two cartographic questions to trip up the runners.

  • Food by everyone - yet again Uringans surpassed themselves, especially with tasty salads and desserts to die for.
  • Santa Claus - of course.
  • Giving out of undistributed badges (2014, 2015 . . .), Metro medals and NOSH mugs

Preparing maps with questions


Making sense of the answers

Metroleague Division 5 Premiers
Jim still missed out on receiving the Rookie of the Year award, but at least we all got to see it

NOSH water carriers' rewards
New grandfather strutted his stuff and the Uringan aunties and uncles took a turn
And just in case anyone still had some energy...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

ONSW Awards Presentation

ONSW trialled a new way to attract as many people as possible the the Awards Presentation thus it was combined with the Saturday Orienteering Series, which runs through the school term in the morning. There was a choice of 3 different courses and was ideal for a training run, as Bicentennial Park offers ultra fast terrain - ideal for sprint training!! The proceedings for the awards started swiftly after everyone had finished and lasted about an hour, finishing up at 1pm. It was short and sweet to say the least, mainly due to the fact that only about 40 people or so turned up. 
I guess the question remains what format would attract more people to turn up to the awards presentation. The covered pavilion @ Bicentennial Park offered a very relaxed atmosphere and those who attended had a very pleasant time; I guess afternoon would perhaps suit better than lunch time, but apparently that has been done too, without too much success. More importantly quite a few Uringa members won awards and it was great to see that most of them were there to receive their awards, unlike Big Foot !! They won over 20 Orienteer of the Year awards and the Shinglers were the only Big Footers there....

Congratulations to all Uringa members who won awards for the 2015 season:

Banksia award
Maggie Mackay

Waratah award
Finn Mackay

Metroleague Division 5 Premieres
Gayle, Dave L, Adrienne Kirby, Sophie & Maggie

Orienteer of the year
W14A        3rd Sophie Jones
W17-20A   1st Georgia Jones
W45A        1st Linda Sesta, 3rd Maggie Jones
W45AS      3rd Gayle Shepherd
W55A        3rd Lisa Lampe
W80A        1st Maureen Ogilvie
M14A         3rd Finn Mackay
M40A         3rd Anthony Nolan
M45A         2nd Ian Jones
M45AS      1st Jim Mackay
M70A         3rd Dick Ogilive
M75A         3rd Brian Cleland

Special Congratulations go out to Jim Mackay who won the "Rookie of the Year" trophy!! Jim started orienteering in 2013 and has only been bush orienteering for that long too. He has come leaps and bounds to win M45AS Orienteer of the Year for 2015. Well deserved Jim!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rainbow in photos

Tim Sleath set the course. Once the controls were out he was into recovery mode. (Apparently he'd also had a big day the day before to recover from.)
You never know who might turn up at an orienteering event. The Jones reconnected with neighbors from their time living in Maroubra. (A legacy of that time for Uringa are the Maroubra area maps.)

Club events are always social, as many members turn out to give whatever hand is needed, and then catch up with one another.

Clever siting of the assembly area meant that when the order came to 'bug out' before the thunder storm hit, a useful shelter was nearby.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - it always rains

Cast your mind back to the corresponding event in 2014. Yes it rained- as a matter of fact it poured for about an hour.
So there we are set up under the magnificent fig trees in Latham Park and all was well. A glance to the west and what do you know black clouds, thunder and lightning were once more going to grace us with their presence. Fortunately we were able to bug out to a small area of undercover before the rain came. We need to change the name of this map before it is re-used.
There were 53 souls who braved initially the humidity of the afternoon then the very wet air of the later afternoon.
Course setter Tim did a fantastic job and there was nary a whinge back at the download station.

It was a challenge to get all 600 points and it was a close call for Steve Ryan who went to all but was a few seconds late.
Tim's challenge!
Uringa members did very well: Georgia was 1st home in Junior Women with Maree not that many points behind. Catherine streeted the field in Open Women Serje dominated Masters Men. Ian was 2nd home in Veteran Men with Shane in 3rd.
Linda and Maggie had a battle for the top positions in Veteran Women with Linda ahead at the end. Terry Murphy had a fine 3rd in Legends Men and Helen went 2 better with a win in Legends Women. Mary Jane was 3rd behind Helen.

Brian was 1st home in Immortal class with Dave in 3rd.

Our next summer series event is on 11th November at Concord. This will be a big event with over 200 runners expected.