Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Christmas 5-Days in Sydney

Each year the Christmas 5-Days Orienteering Carnival is held somewhere in NSW. The principles for the event are family fun, mild competition, and opportunity to explore, or just chill out, after the morning orienteering.

This is the second time it's been in Sydney. Families were out in force thanks to summer time and the holiday season. Five different events at five superb locations. 

Day #1 Score event, Kirribilli

Day #2 Three line course loops: bush, rock, garden, Centennial Park

Uringa puts on an 'outside-the-box' event due to the creativity of course setter Matt Peters, scored by the technical wizardry of Ron Pallas, and supported with club members at many posts. 

Set up on the day started at 6.30am with pack-up completed by noon. It takes a village [club] to run such a great event.

Day #3 Mass start score event, Clay Pan, Beacon Hill
A little something different after the parks and views of inner Sydney. This event was organised by the Stingers. Technology by guru Ron Pallas.

Day #4 Sprint, Cardinals Palace, North Head, Manly
A new map for everyone, brilliant sunshine (again), salt air and ocean views, not to mention history and parkland most didn't know about.

Day #5 Long sprint, University of Sydney
Hot, hotter, hottest seemed to be the description of the five days this year.

Each day’s podium placers were eligible for a prize (on their first placing). There are also lucky draw prizes each day drawn from the names of all pre-registered participants.  It's all very social.

Overall scores are based on the best four results

MA: Michael 17th, Laurent 21st, Ian 39th
MB: Shane 4th, Ori 29th
MC: Jim 16th, Brett 32nd, Ian 38th
MD: Terry Murphy 16th, Brian 33rd, Dick 36th, Rupert 38th
ME: Angus 12th
WA: Catherine 3rd, Clare 17th, Maree 18th
WB: Linda 2nd, Serena 5th, Melanie 12th 
WC: Helen 10th, Adrienne 21st, Ursula 27th, Heidi & Mary Jane 34th
WD: Penny 21st
Combined: Joe 14th

[Photos thanks to OA and ONSW FaceBook sites and the keen photographers who contributed to them as well as club members.]

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Another superb Christmas party has [almost] completed 2018 for Uringa Orienteers. [Almost, as there are still two events to run: Wed Dec 5 at Birchgrove and Thur Dec 28 at Centennial Park.]  

Social Coordinator Gayle Shepherd ensured there was a bumper attendance of 31 seniors and 8 juniors, good weather, and a groaning table of good things to eat contributed by all. 

Everyone provided conversation and laughter. Some of the newer club members (toddler Charlotte and baby Millie in particular) weren't too clear what it was all about, but soon got into the party mood.

The President’s Cup sent runners out on a line course of about three kilometres on the Villa Maria map. With three different sequences around the same controls it was essential you read your own map and not be tempted by someone else’s direction. Control questions ranged from the colour of the pots in front of someone’s garage (not the colour of the pots on the veranda!) to the school motto on a gatepost (with bonus points for an accurate translation). Participating in the Cup is not essential but it is good fun.

 The President’s Cup is always a bit of fun. Course setting and awarding of the cups is by the club’s president or delegate/s (this year Helen Murphy, Ant Nolan and Linda Sesta). Criteria used to award the cup is masked in secrecy. This year's winners were Terry Murphy, Matt & Helen Peters, and Jane Boland.

How long potter and orienteer Jitka Kopriva has been making the President’s Cup mugs prompted some discussion. The consensus seemed to be since 1989.

Santa Claus made his traditional appearance to wide spread excitement.

Mary Jane Mahony provided a ten-question Orienteering Quiz which proved more challenging than expected. The prize for best score (8-1/2) was jointly awarded to Melanie Christie and Barbara Dawson. (And, yes, there were some books about orienteering which were being recycled. Thanks to Terry Murphy.)

Helen Murphy drew lucky door prizes before presenting a thank you gift to Helen and Matt Peters for again generously hosting the party. Helen Peters and Matt Peters have now hosted the Uringa Christmas party a record nine times at Hunter’s Hill.

Monday, November 26, 2018

2018 Southern Sydney Summer Series

Seven events: 4 organised by Uringa, 2 by Illawarra-Kareelah and 1 by Garingal.

This year several innovations were introduced into the Southern Sydney Summer Series including clustering events along the Cooks River, offering both score and line course options, several different promotion strategies to introduce new people to orienteering and a dedicated newcomer briefing person (thank you to Barbara Dawson of Garingal).

There were lots of lessons learned about managing lots of newcomers (especially scouts!), what works for  encouraging people new to orienteering, and how to be prepared for an intense registration period due to limiting the start window to 4-5pm this year.

Participant numbers were up, newcomers were many, and the weather was very good (except for the downpour during registration at the first event at Hughes Park).

Three course options, commitment to help at Uringan events, new members, and, not least, the advent of the silly season. Consequently, the 'league' tables mean little. They depend on how many events a participant completed - the result  being best-of-four - and not every participant was consistent in course choice over the series.

The following is merely a report of Uringan participation. And, a challenge for Uringa  Orienteers members, to work out how many Uringans they know now, and what may be their 'score' in a few months time, given the number of recent new members. (By the way, we hope for a new delivery of club shirts no later than January, which could make it easier to step up to someone you don't already know.)

New members, of course, have less navigation experience though they may have greater fitness, not to mention that a number of Uringans helped at all four Uringa events and took the opportunity to run. (Or 'run' as some members may say.)

Women's Score (35 participants over the 7 events)
2 Linda Sesta
5 Mary Jane Mahony
7 Adrienne Kirby
12 Therese Walsh
15 Heidi Van Schaik
17 Maree Lucas
19 Zoe Melling
26 Monica Brockmyre

Men's Score (60 participants over 7 events)
2 Paul Veerhuis
21 Shane Doyle
22 Ian McKenzie
26 Phillip Ryan
32 John Ovenden
40 Owen Shepherd
52 Ron Pallas

Women's Long Line (19)
1 Catherine Murphy
2 Jane Boland
4 Melanie Christie
5 Clare Murphy
6 Serena Doyle
7 Zoe Melling
8 Ursula Roper
9 Helen Murphy
12 Linda Sesta

Men's Long Line (36 participants over 7 events)
1 Ant Nolan
2 Jim Mackay
4 Brian Cleland
5 Serje Robidoux
6 Terry Murphy
8 Ian McKenzie
9 Dick Ogilvie
11 Ori Gudes
13 Ian Bilmon
17 Rupert Roper
26 Nick Wilmott
28 David Christie
34 Dave Lotty

Short Line  (41 participants over 7 events)
2 Dave Lotty
3 Elliott Veerhuis
3 Georgia Veerhuis
5 Lucy Veerhuis
6 Jonathan Nolan
7 Joe Roper
8 Hanna Jones
9 Nazara Jones
10 Ian Bilmon
11 Angus Van Schaik
13 Helen Murphy
13 Therese Walsh
17 Jane Boland
23 Sophis Hillier
24 Alon Gudes
28 Brady Kopriva
32 Maureen Ogilvie
40 Sue Healy
41 James Hillier