Tuesday, March 22, 2011


To quote event organiser Lyn Malmgron
"and then it started to rain"

Had Nick Wilmott had a better tumble turn he would have finished a little bit quicker as he swam the creek.
Seriously whilst it was rather wet, up to one's thighs in places, it still was good fun to get out and enjoy our sport.
The scoreboard failed to function as there was a rather large malfunction of the split printer and so results were unavailable.
A quick check of the Metro Website tells me that the B - A team defeated IKN 31/21 whilst the B- B team had a narrow loss to WHN 27/28
In C Division Uringa/ CC lost quite comprehensively to GON 17/38.
Individual Results
B Course - 5.2km
6th Paul Prudhoe 42.42
12th Nick Wilmott 46.13
13th Clare Murphy 46.23
14th Rick Steele 47.09
15th Dick Ogilvie 49.16
17th Adrian Steele 49.51
20th Lisa Lampe 50.23
21st Dave Lotty 50.24
28th Ron Pallas 74.16
Matt unfortunately missed control 6

C Course - 4.6km
19th Julia Prudhoe 44.44
23rd Sarah Garnett 51.28
30th Margaret Wilmott 65.52
31st Maureen Ogilvie 70.44
32nd Gayle Shepherd 87.06

D Course
4th Angela Murray 37.39

If you are interested in numbers etc check out the finish times of Paul and Julia Prudhoe....
The next event on the calendar are State league 1 & 2 coming up at the end of this month. Interestingly enough the first use of SL4 area was an extremely wet State Champs a couple of years ago. Will history repeat itself?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well it was a very hot time in the capital with temperatures in high 20's for most of the weekend.

What an interesting carnival it was with three events spread over the two days.

Saturday morning was a middle event. A very interesting map with one side being 1:7500 and then when you reached the boundary you flipped over to a 1:10000 map.

Catherine and Clare Murphy were running in W21E representing NSW and did a rather good job with Catherine finishing 17th and Clare 24th.

The public races were on the same maps

M65A Dave Lotty mp

M65A Dick Ogilvie 4th

W40A Linda Sesta 1st

W50A Lisa Lampe 4th

W65A Angela Murray 3rd

W75A Maureen Ogilvie 1st

After coffee cake and lunch it was time for a mixed sprint relay. The team of two alternating through the 4 legs. It was run in the grounds of the AIS and was very interesting running. A few ramps and lots of twists and turns.

What was most amusing was that the public watched the elite races and it was noticed immediately that if you left the start and headed virtually dead straight you ran into an impassable wall. At the briefing of the public race this was announced and "the President" Linda even told all she could see about this poor route choice. Interestingly enough who was first out of the blocks at the mass start leading away at a great rate of knots none other than the president and sure enough she went straight into the impassable wall!

Mind you Linda and Eoin Rothery combined to come second ( Mixed Open)to Jenny and Geoff Lawford ( by a mere 3 seconds) Lisa Lampe teamed up with Sue Neve for a creditable 3rd in the Mixed Masters. Gayle and Ron were 7th in Mixed Open. Angela teamed up with peter Kreminski for an 8th in the Mixed masters. Maureen and Dick failed to finish with a mp on leg 2.

Sunday saw us making an extravagantly long 10 -1 5 minute drive to the foot of Mount Ainslie- if you do not know Canberra it is directly behind the War memorial. You had to feel sorry for the elites as not only did they face a late start in very hot conditions the men had a 15km run with 620m of climb and they got to know the top of Mt Ainslie well.

The mere mortals were more content to take on shorter courses.

H3 Linda Sesta 8th

H3 Ross Coyle 26th

H4 Dave Lotty 3rd

H4 Dick Ogilvie 6th

H4 Lisa Lampe 25th

H4 Ron Pallas 27th

H4 Angela Murray 36th

H4 Gayle Shepherd 43rd

H4 Maureen Ogilvie 56th

WOp Antonia Coyle 6th

It was great to see Ross and Antonia again. Their weekends are now their own after 3 years at their cafe.

Well the next bush event appears to be Metro 1 or Hillptop for SL2 or ACT Championships...

see you there


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Callan Park Sprint Event

Helen Murphy set the last Sprint Series event of the season on our favourite map at Callan Park.