Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Year End Awards - NSW Orienteers of the Year

NSW Orienteer of the Year (OY) awards are presented to the top three in each age class at the end of the NSW State League season. The awards are not limited to NSW orienteers and some outstanding orienteers from out of state have run in many SL events this year, impacting on the end of year standing of NSW orienteers.

Open Easy 1 William Nolan

W10A 3 Maggie McKay
W Junior B 2 Serena Doyle
W50A 2 Linda Sesta
W70A 1 Mary Jane Mahony
W80A 1 Maureen Ogilvie

M21A 2 Itay Manor
M45A 2 Shane Doyle
M50A 2 Ian Jones

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