Friday, December 29, 2017

Arthursleigh: a romp in the forest

Day 2 (the Long Distance) of the 2017 NSW Christmas Five Days Orienteering Carnival was organised by Uringa.

Jim Mackay set the course with Nick Wilmott controlling, and Dave Lotty assisting all around. These three put out the controls in mid-December to get a head start on the event logistics.

The shearers' quarters
Leave gates as you find them
A small but determined band of other club members (Melanie Christie, Brian Cleland, Serena and Shane Doyle, Finn and Maggie Mackay, Ian McKenzie, Mary Jane Mahony and Dick and Maureen Ogilvie) set up and pulled down the Assembly and Start. 

Some over-nighted in the shearers' quarters to be in place early on the day.

The Assembly Area was a little further beyond the shearers' quarters. Look for the Ogilvies' yellow van - they camped. (There was another gate, and a rather 'interesting' spillway to cross, on the way.)

Others impressed by arriving early in the morning from Sydney, Goulburn or elsewhere, even with 25 km of rural road from the motor way, about twelve of it narrow dirt and a gate.

How many Uringans does it take to set up a Start?

Melanie managed the first aid section. Fortunately, she reported, business was down compared with the May event on this map.

Of course, Ron Pallas, the Five Day Organiser, was running the computers as well as being chief announcer for prizes.

Everyone had a good time (and everyone who wanted to had a good run in the forest).

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