Saturday, February 28, 2009

AGM photos

First, a look at some of the Club Executive members (and helper):

(L to R): Gayle Shepherd (Social Secretary), Dave Lotty (Mapping Officer), Mary Jane Mahony (Secretary), Ron Pallas (President), Rick Steele (Blogmaster), Jared McKenna (Dave’s son), Dave McKenna (Club Captain), Lisa Lampe (Medical Officer)...

and then some of socialising mentioned by Rick!

Uringa AGM 27 February 2009

There was a good turnout for the Uringa AGM last night. The previous Executive Team were swept back into their respective positions of influence unopposed and highly commended on their previous year's efforts.

The Secretary will follow with the official version of events, but the highlights as I saw them were that the meeting was dispensed with in 1 hour so we could retire to the spread of foods and drinks, we have ample money in the bank and Dave's grass laying efforts were roundly applauded.

There are no new major mapping initiatives planned although we have nominated to run the Christmas 5 Days in and around the hut at Belanglo. Nick is Controller for one of the World Veterans events in October.