Friday, June 29, 2012

Event schedule 2012/2013

Here is the preliminary list of the events we are organising this coming summer. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be an organiser and course setter - it sure is appreciated !!

21 Oct 12
Southern SS
Centennial Park
(part of WFFG)
Ian Jones/Dave McKenna
Education Centre; Dickens Dve & Loch Ave
29 Oct 12
Southern SS
The Warren
Mary Jane Mahony/Brian Cleland
Mackey Park; Carrington Rd & Premier St
12 Nov 12
Southern SS
Georgia & Maggie Jones
Arthur Byrne Reserve; Marine Parade, Maroubra Beach
28 Nov 12
Northern SS
Helen Murphy/Dave Lotty
Ron Routley Oval in Mayors Bay Park,
off Nullwarra Rd, Concord
23 Jan 13
Northern SS
Matt Peters/Ron Pallas
Mort Pay Park; McKell St, Birchgrove
28 Jan 13
Sprint Series
Carss Park
Linda Sesta
Carwar Ave, Blakehurst
4 Mar 13
Sprint Series
Ballast Point Park
Lisa Lampe
Ballast Point Park; end of Yeend St, Birchgrove

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We are in the paper......

Below article was printed in the Wentworth Courier.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Curry night

Well, we had another successful Uringa social event last Saturday night at the Murphy's. Lovely food with some amazing curries and a dessert buffet to die for....there was too much to choose from !! Thanks everyone who made curries, rice and desserts and of course a BIG THANK YOU to Helen and Terry for hosting this traditional event.

Ron is turning 60 this coming Thursday (his birthday present being on a plane to Europe !!) and of course was celebrated in style with some cake and bubbly! Happy Birthday Ron and all the very best!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Saturday 25 August 2012

State League #10

Beyond Rocklea

Organiser Ron Pallas 95266229

Planner Dave Lotty

Controller Dick Ogilvie

Venue Take Belanglo Road exit to the west from Hume Freeway (signposted Belanglo State Forest, 6km south of Berrima exit) and follow this gravel road for 8km past Association Hut and Forest HQ. Just after “Rocklea” property on the right, the road makes a sharp turn to the right. Turn into the road on the left 100m past this bend and follow for 600m to the parking. Assembly is adjacent to the parking.

Time Starts from 1pm. Enter on the day from 1-30pm to 2-15pm. Start is 250m flat run/walk on track to south of the assembly.

Map “Beyond Rocklea”, 1:10000, 5m contours

(remap/redraw of western part of 1989 “Bunnygalore”map).

Terrain Open eucalypt forest with extensive sandstone outcrops around the edge of a large flattish ridge. There is a good track/path network with numerous (mostly large) termite mounds.


Hard 1/2 M21A, M-20A, M35A 4.9km

Hard 3/4 M40A, W21A, M-18A, M45A 4,2km

Hard 5 M50A, W-20A, W35A, W40A,

M21AS 3.9km

Hard 6 M-16A, M55A, W45A 3.6km

Hard 7 M60A, M65A, W-18A, W50A,

M35AS 3.1km

Hard 8 M70A, W-16A, W55A, W60A,

M45AS, W21AS 2.5km

Hard 9 M75A, W65A, W70A, M55AS,

W55AS, W35AS, W45AS 2.1km

Moderate M-14A, W-14A, MOpenB, WOpenB 2.7km

Easy M-12A, W-12A, M/WopenC 2.1km

Very Easy M-10A, W-10A, M/W-10N 1.9km

Entry Fees: Members: Senior $ 25.00, Junior (under 21) $ 16.00,

Sub-junior (under 13) $ 12.00, Family maximum $ 75.00.

Non-members: Senior $ 28.00, Junior $ 19.00, Sub-junior $15.00, Family maximum $84.00.

Enter on Day: The following Enter on Day courses will be available ($member/$non-member)

Hard ($25/$28), Moderate ($13/$16), Easy($13/$16) and Very Easy($13/$16),

Entries: Entries close on Saturday 11th August 2012

Late entries will only be accepted if maps are available

Enter on line:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Centennial Park Festivities

What a splendid day it turned out to be yesterday at Centennial Park! Just a great day for running, organising, socialising and celebrating. So good to see lots of our young members taking part in the Junior League or doing an enter on the day, and how good did they all look standing behind the cake with their Uringa tops on, matching the colours of the cake !! Brilliant...

I hope everyone who was there got a chance to see Dave's "40 years of orienteering and mapping in Centennial Park" display; it contained the history of mapping in Centennial Park from 1972 to now with some copies of older versions of the map. Very interesting indeed. A big thanks to Dave for his efforts on this display!

Here is a copy of the President's speech in celebration of 40 years of orienteering and mapping in Centennial Park:

"Centennial Park was one of the first areas used for orienteering in NSW and way back in those early days black and white maps were of course the standard.

The first map dates back to 1972 - so 40 years ago - and was prepared by Dave and used in April of that same year for a night event. Initially Bennelong and Kareelah Orienteers used the first versions of the map.
With the formation of Uringa in 1973 the decision was made to produce a better map and photogrammetry from Chris Wilmott and Steve Key, and their fieldwork, resulted in the 1979 version which was used in the same year for the first NSW School Champs. 
The next redraws took place in the late eighties and 1990, with the latter version lasting for 10 years due to the fact that printing took place in batches of thousand !!
With the coming of OCAD, Mike Andreson redrew the map on OCAD in 2000 with some additional fieldwork. More revisions took place in the following years and this brings us to the latest versions # 13 & 14. With plans of a permanent course, a complete remap took place in 2011 and today it was on the latest version,  #14,  that we orienteered on and it is also the version the permanent course is based on.
So here we are today, celebrating 40 years of orienteering and mapping in this beautiful park which has now culminated with the implementation of the Centennial Parklands Permanent orienteering course.
I have to say, it was a really exciting project to be part of and to finally see it completed is really great ; you might have seen a marker or two out there today, and hopefully you agree that they look great.
Five different organisations came together for this project and achieved what we all hope will be a successful new activity in the park, and will bring orienteering to a wider public. 
Uringa worked very closely of course with OANSW in particular Barbara Hill, and the Centennial Parklands organisation.  The markers were created and concreted into the control sites by Conservation Volunteers, and finally the funding was provided/approved by Centennial Parklands Foundation. 
I hope we can continue the great collaboration with Centennial Park and on a personal note I would like to thank Dave in particular for all his input and help with setting/checking the courses and control sites of the permanent course, and of course the mapping over the last years. And also a big THANK YOU to every Uringa member who has set courses, organised and helped out at our events which have been held here over all these years."

PS: cake supplied by Aldo's sister Rose!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Final Marker - Centennial Park Permanent course

We had some pretty ordinary weather to mark the final installation of the last marker for the Centennial Park Permanent Course last Wednesday. However there were happy faces everywhere!! It has been about a 15 month process but to now finally see it all come together is really great and it was a great project to be part of. There are a few technicalities which need to be finalised before we can put together the kits. These will be for sale at the Centennial Parklands Visitor Centre which will allow people to discover our sport in their own leisure time.

Five organisations came together to make this possible, and I would like to thank every organisation for the part they played in the planning/implementation process:
OANSW - Barbara Hill - Promotions Director. She played a huuuuge part in making this all happen. It wouldn't have been possible without all her help in particular to the more technical side of things such as logos, MoU etc.
Centennial Parklands - Mark Reid. For coming up with the idea and getting the Board and Trustees on the side of the project, and pushing the project along.
Conservation Volunteers - who created the markers and installed them at the control sites.
Centennial Parklands Foundation - who funded the project.
Uringa - Linda and Dave. Course setting and marking/checking control sites.

To mark this milestone in Uringa club history, come along this Sunday 17 June to the Metro/Juniorleague for a bit of cake and fuzz around 12pm.....I guarantee it won't be just an ordinary will be a very special and unique cake!! You will also have the possibility to check out some of the markers....

from left to right: Peter Hadfield - Executive Officer CP Foundation; Linda; Paul; Kim Ellis - Director and CEO CP and Moore Park Trust; Michael Ellison - Sydney Region Manager for Conservation Volunteers Australia