Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Xmas 5 Days

Well it wasn't the biggest Uringa Contingent ever but what the heck it was Christmas after all.

The 5 days was based around Mittagong. Only the second day was affected by the weather with rain and drizzle being standard for that day. the rest were pretty good for orienteering.

Dick Ogilvie was the overall coordinator of the event with Maureen his trusty side kick.

Now to results

Day 1 Lake Alexandra

Right in the heart of Mittagong the area was a mix of bush and streets.

Maureen Ogilvie WD 16th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 6th
Ian Jones MB 7th
Margaret Jones WB 6th
Georgia Jones WF 3rd
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 7th

Day 2 Baronga Creek - Penrose forest - the part that hasn't been logged recently

Maureen Ogilvie WD 12th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 11th
Ian Jones MB 6th
Margaret Jones WB 8th
Georgia Jones WF 2rd
Lawrence Jones MF 4rd
Sophie Jones Novice 1st

Day 3 The Piggery at Belanglo. The courses were set by Zuzu Burford with Dave Lotty acting as conroller. Our club put on a fantastic event. Lots of helpers thanks everyone. ( do not let Dave McKenna near any child's toy from now on)

Maureen Ogilvie WD 13th
Dick Ogilvie MD 15th
Ian Jones MB 6th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 2nd
Jane McKenna WC 17th
Jared McKenna Novice 1st
Ian McKenzie MC 14th

Day 4 Miners despair. An old favourite Belanglo map with a tragic link to backpackers

Maureen Ogilvie WD 10th
Dick Ogilvie MD 8th
Dave Lotty MD 13th
Ian Jones MB 11th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 5th
Sophie Jones Novice 5th
Ian McKenzie MC 8th

Day 5 Soapy Flat- right at Mike Anderson's back door- as a matter of fact we parked on Mike's land.

Maureen Ogilvie WD 9th
Dick Ogilvie MD 17th
Dave Lotty MD 16th
Ian Jones MB 7th
Margaret Jones WB 10th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 3rd
Sophie Jones Novice 3rd
Ian McKenzie MC 2nd

Overall results

Using a formula that only those who love statistics would understand competitors are able to drop their worst day.( 4 out of 5 count)

Maureen Ogilvie WD 14th
Dick Ogilvie MD 10th
Dave Lotty MD 14th
Ian Jones MB 8th
Margaret Jones WB 12th
Georgia Jones WF 1st
Lawrence Jones MF 4th
Sophie Jones Novice 2nd
Ian McKenzie MC 21st ( only ran 3 days)

The Five Days is always a good money earner with just over 200 competitors entered.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The President's Cup - Honour Board

The President's Cup is now part of orienteering folklore. Remarkably Jitka has prepared the winning cup(s) since the outset more than 22 years ago (is that right Jitka?).

The first event was won by Michael Anderson on Belanglo in our nation's bicentenary year.

Terry has provided me a pretty full list, but I'm worried we don't have a full list of past winners and time is marching on.

So, I'm seeking to populate the following table with past winners of the Uringa President's Cup. So we can keep it for posterity ... or at least until google disappears. If anyone can help fill in the missing pieces of history, please let me know. This should be a test of our failing memories. Does anyone have old copies of the newsletters we used to publish? Or mugs in the pool room.

So here we go ...

Year Map Big Cup Small Cup Fastest Time
2009 Villa Maria Sarah Garnett Helen Peters Ian Jones
2008 The Graysies (Grays Point)
MaryJane Mahoney Sue Bolton



John Fuller (TBC)

2005 Villa Maria Linda Sesta David McKenna
2004 Villa Maria

Gayle Shepherd

2002 Butchers Block Matt Peters
Matt Peters
2001 Riverview Bronwyn Steele/Thea Richardson
Rick Steele
2000 Riverview Chris Mill David Lotty
1999 Riverview

1998 Concord Ross Coyle Patrick Murphy Ross Coyle
1997 Peters' Precinct Dick Ogilvie Nick Wilmott Nick Wilmott
1996 Richo's Realm Lisa Lampe Michael Anderson Ross Coyle
1995 Bicentennial Park Maureen Ogilvie Ross Coyle Ross Coyle
1994 The Piggery Anita Scherrer Sue Bolton Nick Wilmott
1993 Burrawang John Fuller Jane McKenna
1992 Bunnygalore Margaret Wilmott Maureen Ogilvie Nick Wilmott
1991 Bunnygalore Ray Lidgard

1990 Bunnygalore Terry Murphy John Wilmott Nick Wilmott
1989 Bunnygalore Keith Richardson Jan Sargood Nick Wilmott
1988 Belanglo Creek Michael Anderson Wendy Fleming Bruce Graham