Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Southern Series - 'The Warren'

Uringa's event for the inaugural Sydney Southern Series was 'The Warren'. Assembly was in Gough Whitlam Park (in Wolli Creek, or Undercliff, or ... the GPS's and the street directories seemed uncertain), a lovely location alongside Cook's River.

Dave Lotty did the mapping, course setting, control putting out, and is seen here on the registration table (he's wearing one of the new club shirts, by the way). (Michael Tompkins and Dave picked the controls up the next day.)

Several other club members were on hand as usual to do what needed to be done - the Southern Series being a much more low key event than the Sydney Series, there was lots of time for talk.

Ron Pallas, of course, sat in the technology seat. It's amazing what you can do with one of those little netbooks and the SportIdent software.

A photographer for the Bankstown-Canterbury Torch came to photograph the event (anyone who gets this paper, please watch out for the photo!), and was well briefed by Maggie Jones.

And there's always something special at a Uringa orienteering event. This time it was spotting a pair of grass parrots on the lawn (tentatively identified as turquoise parrots).

Uringa Christmas Party

Hope you enjoy the photos, courtesy of Aldo's paparazzi service!!

I think next year we need to add some other awards to the President's cup:

- the person with the best finish pose
- the best dessert

Ok, not quite the Uringa eagle watching over us at the start!!

what the.....

chief, cook and bottle washer