Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sprint Canberra

5 races spread over 4 days was hectic to say the least. However it was unbelievably so for the very small team who ran the carnival.It was the Bill, Jacqui, Nick, Hilary, Toph, Ron show plus the course planners!

Dick in reflection
The 5 races were well attended with around 200 runner each day (total entry 1013) using Canberra Institute of Technology, Radford College, Mount Stromlo Forest Park, and Asutralia National University- northern and southern campus areas.

The reaction in the finish tent was mixed each day- "loved it , hated it, too hard, too easy, too long, too short". Mount Stromlo was least liked as the predicted winning times were well off . The elites ran a 4 person relay and the fastest time was 18 minutes with most in mid twenties. So the times for the rest of the competitors were long.

From my point of watching- seeing runners come through an uncrossable feature ( visible to all at the finish) and then not "fess up to it was amazing. Oh well if they get to JWOC then they will be disqualified ...

Gayle starting Race 5
In the program it stated clearly:

OUT OF BOUNDS All competitors are reminded that it is your responsibility to not enter out of bounds areas as clearly marked on the maps or to cross impassable objects. Please communicate any infringement of this rule to the athlete concerned so that they can DSQ themselves as the organisers will not be checking. Olive green is used widely to show forbidden areas. Olive green in reality on the ground can be various different types of vegetation or even open garden beds or dirt. Please respect the rules and do not cross olive green areas. Respect the rules, respect your competitors and respect the map! Thanking you in anticipation of your honesty. Olive green, dark green and purple parallel lines mark OOB. Impassable walls and fences.
A few came up and asked to be dsqd

Dave leaving the start triangle
There was but a small group from Uringa competing.
Dave Lotty was very consistent with 2nd,2nd,2nd,3rd,3rd for a win on the pointscore for his class.
Dick was also very consistent- 32,40,31,38,41 spread over the Men Open class.This was the largest class with 60 runners. Terry was to have had a run in this class but preferred the cricket.
Maureen was also consistent - 10,11,7,12,10. Interestingly her best result was at Mount Stromlo! Maureen finished 11th on the pointscore .
Maureen concentrating hard
Gayle had an interesting carnival. Day 1 missed a control, Day 2 was placed 6th, Day 3 - mmm wrong map but finished 24th in that class, and days 4 and 5 did okay. gayle ended up 9th in her class overall.
Funds raised help pay for the elite training camp which was held in conjunction with the carnival. The carnival featured the use of Sportident Air sticks which meant rather than punching, competitors simply waved the stick over the control.

Ron with partner in crime- Bill Jones

Race 4 saw the Roulettes come for a visit

SIAC in action- no stopping just swipe and go!
Sprint Canberra was a very successful carnival and will be repeated in 2018.. ( I would have included maps but alas my scanner has had a seizure and is not operating)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sydney Summer of Sprints - UNSW

It may have been quite a hot afternoon but the cooling sea breeze certainly took the sting out of the day. A total of 19 Uringans toed the start line in the very complex Uni of NSW. This would be one of the more complex sprint maps that I have run on in Australia and deciding on which way to go was at times a real test of your decision making. That said many of our members flew around with a number of podium finishes. There were a few "mps" among the crew too, a testimony to the complexity of the map and the denseness of the course.

Matt Westwood
Owen Shepherd
Ian Bilmon
Masters Men
Catherine Murphy
Alice Westwood
Clare Murphy
Open Women
Jim Mackay
Matt Peters
Finn Mackay
Lisa Lampe
Gayle Shepherd
Brian Cleland
Dave Lotty
Ron Pallas

Mary Jane Mahony
Terry Murphy
Helen Murphy
Dick Ogilvie
Maureen Ogilvie

Want more sprints?

Carrs Park 17th January- (A Uringa Event!) You can pre-enter on Eventor

Want More?

If your up for a trip to Canberra there is Sprint Canberra. 

5 sprint races spread over 4 days commencing January 23rd.
Event information: