Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Southern Sydney Summer Series Wrap-up

Uringa ran four of the eight events in the 2016 Southern Sydney Summer Series. Thanks to Adrienne Kirby, Ian McKenzie, Shane Doyle and Dave Lotty for course setting, and everyone for helping out.

The Series comprises eight events, with the best four results added for the final score and ranking.  Uringans were well represented . . . helping out at all those events (and the great socialising that goes with it on a Sunday afternoon) brings out a lot of members.

(Please don't be shy about offering to help in some way, or just asking to compare maps and route choices. The 'rusted on' orienteers sometimes get a bit carried away talking to one another because of a long shared history,)

Junior Men
1 Benoit Pecoud
4 Finn Mackay
6 Jakob Doyle
7 Michael Southwell

Junior Women
1 Sophie Jones
2 Marie Doyle
3 Georgia Jones
4 Serena Doyle
5 Maggie Mackay
6 Janine Southwell
10 Zara Doyle

Open Men
4 Ondrej Pavlu
5 Michael Weiner
11 Myall Quint

Open Women
3 Catherine Murphy
11 Clare Murphy

Masters Men
2 Own Shepherd

Masters Women
5 Jane Boland

Veteran Men
1 Ant Nolan
2 Ian Jones
7 Shane Doyle
9 Michael Warlters

Veteran Women
2 Maggie Jones
3 Linda Sesta

Super Veteran Men
4 Jim Mackay
12 Matt Peters
14 Ron Pallas

Super Veteran Women
2 Gayle Shepherd
3 Adrienne Kirby

Legends Men
3 Ian McKenzie
5 Dick Ogilvie
9 Dave Lotty
10 Terry Murphy

Legends Women
2 Mary Jane Mahony
3 Helen Murphy

Immortal Men
1 Brian Cleland

Immortal Women
1 Maureen Ogilvie

Walking Men
2 Laurent Billot
3 Ian McKenzie

Walking Women
1 Monica Brockmyre

Apologies if you were left off the list above

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Big Foot Sprints

The 19th running of the BigFoot Sprints was staged on the Crimson Hill Map. Crimson Hill is the latest designer enclave just on the western edge of Lindfield and for the residents the bush surrounding the residences must be a huge attraction. There is a high school being built in the area so it should be a great area for a sprint in the future with a juicy mix of buildings and bush!

Anyone in the "gun runner" category must have fancied their chances for a win however all hopes were dashed when Julian Dent rode into town. Julian,  having spent some 15 years competing at international level plus living in Sweden for the past 5 years, was just too fast. His combined times for the two races of 16.44 was faster than 2/3 of the fields time for just one leg. Ondrej, in 2nd place,  mind you only dropped 49 seconds to Julian in the second race. Third placed was another ex- elite Grant Bluett.
In the women's race it was Shannon Jones from ACT who lead the field home finishing in 23.20. Paula Shingler was 2nd just 26 seconds behind. Third was Tracy Bluett.
The Chase
The leg start to 1 was interesting - do you go left or right. I went left but I wonder if left was faster?

Up and coming junior Serena had a very comfortable win on the Entree Course.

As for the Uringan brigade:
2. Ondrej 19.16
10. Shane 23.30
21. Linda 30.08
31. Ian McK 38.50
36 Maree 41.32
42. Ron 48.01
43. Dave 48.05
47. Gayle 61.49

Entree Course
1. Serena 10.14

I wonder how much closer Shane would have been to the top of the list, mind you top ten is nothing to be sneezed at, as he lost his glasses at control 5 on the first map and ran "blind" for the remainder of the race. He returned to the area and located his glasses.
The "crocs" Dave and Ron had a battle royal with Dave's superior navigation eating into Ron's first race lead and he made  his passing move between 10 /11. Alas for Dave a sprint by Ron to the finish meant he kept his nose in front overall.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Centennial Park Final Event of Southern Summer Series

Was it Centennial Park? Was it the bake sale fundraiser for Zonta birthing kits? Was it the weather? Was it just December?

Nearly ninety runners signed on for the last event of the 2016 Southern Summer Series.

Dave Lotty set a wide-ranging course.  A number of control were placed on controls in the Centennial Park permanent course, reminding runners that of that other option. (Information on the permanent course is here.)

There was a late challenging change to the map: just what film will be made at the filmset under construction (causing a control to be moved 50 metres and challenging navigation planning)?  There was the usual problem with navigation in the bushy northern part of the map (yes, bush - the park is not all lawns and ponds).

Helen Murphy and Mary Jane Mahony, supported by a band of Uringa bakers, raised over $500 to donate to the Zonta Club of Sydney Breakfast Inc towards the next Birthing Kits Assembly Day. Sugar hits from luscious cookies, cupcakes, slices and cake were widespread.

Sue Thompson (Garingal) won the first raffle prize Christmas cake and Kevin Kirby (Illawarra Kareelah) the second prize.