Monday, July 28, 2008

Sad News from Switzerland

Uringa sends its condolences to Linda Sesta and her family after the sudden death of Linda's father, Martin Hollenstein, last week. Linda's parents, Martin and Lorna, had visited Australia several times. Many Uringa members met Martin at events - he would never miss an opportunity to orienteer. He even participated in the Uringa President's Cup one year despite being in Switzerland - he figured he could at least do the Sudoku part of the challenge set that year by Uringa President Matt Peters. We considered him an honorary Uringan.

It was Martin who got the whole family interested in orienteering when Linda and her brother Mark were still youngsters - he wanted a healthy, wholesome activity that would keep them off the streets and away from the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Not something he'd have had to worry about anyway with Linda and Mark, but you've got to admire that sort of contingency planning.

Martin seemed always full of fun and enthusiasm. My memories of him are always with a smile on his face. He was an accomplished musician and a keen amateur video maker. After enjoying the Swiss O Tour and the Swiss 6 days with Martin, Lorna, Mark, Linda, Aldo, Ron, Gayle, Helen, Terry, Mary Jane, Angela, Dave and me in 2006, Martin (with the able assistance of Aldo) put together a fabulous DVD which he sent to all of us as a memento. My favourite scene from the DVD is of Martin, after spending the "rest" day on an incredibly strenuous climb in the alps with Aldo, Mark and Mark's girlfriend at the time, sitting back and saying "Phew. I'm absolutely rooted".

Of course, behind every good man is a good woman, and Lorna and Martin made a good team. Many of us have been the recipients of Martin and Lorna's very warm hospitality. For myself, they spontaneously offered me a place to rest after I injured my ankle on the last day of the Swiss 6 days, and really looked after me, something for which I remain very grateful. It also gave me the chance to get to know them better, which was a lovely experience.

Martin died suddenly while doing what he loved - out on an orienteering course. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with Linda, Lorna and Mark at this time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What about the Mighty MO

Maureen just about blitzed the field on Saturday in Portugal but had to be content with ONLY a SILVER MEDAL ! Just over 60 seconds in arrears from Gold , she left plenty of disgruntled Scandos in her wake ! I cant cget the wreath off her head or the smile off her face !