Tuesday, March 30, 2010


UWell the best event of 2010 is fats approaching and the weather looks quite promising. Uringa has a strong field of competitors in a wide variety of age groups. A wedding in England sees Ian , Maggie, Lawrence, Georgia and Sophie heading away from orienteering.
The entry list
W21E Bronwyn Steele
W21E Catherine Murphy
M55A Rick Steele
M60A Terry Murphy
M65A Dave Lotty
M65A Dick Ogilvie
W21A Clare Murphy
W40A Linda Sesta
W45A Lisa Lampe
W50A Sarah Garnett
Margaret Wilmott
W60A Jitka Kopriva
W60A Helen Murphy
W60A Angela Murray
W75A Maureen Ogilvie
M21AS Nick Wilmott
M45AS Dave McKenna
M45AS Ron Pallas
M55AS Zuzu Burford
W21AS Jane McKenna
W35AS Gayle Shepherd
MOPB Michael Lloyd
M10N Jared McKenna

Apologies if I missed someone
It will be great to catch up with Lorna Hollenstein who has travelled from Switzerland to head the Uringa cheer squad for the Championships.
A few "orienteering tragic"Uringans are stying for the week to compete in the Snowy Treble.
Dave Lotty
Dick Ogilvie
Lisa Lampe
Angela Murray
Maureen Ogilvie
Ron Pallas

Look fr a posting a little later with results
Gayle Shepherd

Monday, March 22, 2010

State Leagues 1 & 2

In what could best be described as perfect running weather State Leagues 1 & 2 were a great success. Just over 200 runners each day took on courses set by our very own Lisa (Saturday) and Nick Dent on Sunday.

The events were run by Uringa and Central Coast combined. We done good! In fact there wre so many helpers that Ian Jones missed out on collecting controls on day 2.
Well there was a slight hiccup with a problem with si units at the start. After a lengthy postmortem it is more than likely that PEBCAK was the source of the error.
Never the less it was fortunate that there were a few cool heads around as there were a few "Henny Penny's" in the start area.

State League 1

Maureen Ogilvie W70A 43:05 2
Dick Ogilvie M65A 36:35 4
Ian Jones M40A 43:26 3
Margaret Jones W21AS 38:51 1
Lawrence Jones M14A 35:48 5
Georgia Jones W12A 37:03 1 S
ophie Jones M/W10N 46:01 4
Linda Sesta W40A 55:01 3
Nick Wilmott M50A 50:08 10
Margaret Wilmott W50A 65:46 8
Ian McKenzie M50A 56:41 15
David McKenna M50A 53:20 12
Jane McKenna W21AS 41:20 2
Jared McKenna M/W10N 36:00 3
Gayle Shepherd W35AS dns
Angela Murray W60A 45:35 5
Orla Murray W21A 36:46 3
Jitka Kopriva W60A 54:46 6
Zuzu Burford M45AS dns

State League 2
Maureen Ogilvie W70 93:19 1
Dick Ogilvie M65 83:47 6
Ian Jones M40A 85:26 2
Margaret Jones W21AS 54:01 2
Lawrence Jones M14A 53:51 2
Georgia Jones W12A 44:36 1
Sophie Jones M/W10N 31:31 2
Linda Sesta W21AS 52:11 1
Nick Wilmott M50A dns
Margaret Wilmott W50A dns
Ian McKenzie M50A 80:06 10
Lisa Lampe W45A 107:44 5
David McKenna M50A mp
Jane McKenna W21AS 69:36 3
Jared McKenna M/W10N 31:00 1
Dave Lotty M65 64:21 2
Gayle Shepherd W35AS 82:42 5
Angela Murray W65A 80:51 3
Orla Murray W21A 78:38 2
Jitka Kopriva W60A 74:21 4
Zuzu Burford M45AS 69:38 5
Aldo Sesta EODSR mp

Saturday afternoon saw a gathering to celebrate a significant birthday for Dave McKenna. (Check out the age class he chose to run for a guide on the birthday).
It was almost by magic that a few scrumptious cakes made it onto the table at the finish. These were quickly devoured by the hungry horde.

(PEBCAK - problem exists between chair and keyboard) or 1D10T error

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snowy Greetings

It's been a while since we left Sydney in search of a cold winter. And we really enjoyed Xmas and Feb holidays in the mountains with downhill and cross-country skiing. But now we start to miss the sun again ....

Our orienteering club (OLV Lucerne) will host the third leg of the tour-o-swiss just a few km away from our home! And while checking the list of registered participants we where very excited to find the names of at least 7 uringa orienteers. There may even be more as the closing date for registration is still up-coming. We are really looking forward to meet the uringa squad in switzerland. Even with a tight TOS schedule we hope to find some time to fire up our aussie BBQ.

By the way: The 4th and 5th leg of the TOS will be at the same place where we took the picture. It's a beautiful area in summer and winter up in the mountains.

Best regards,
Boos Family