Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Boos Farewell

Ok kids, where's the greens !!!

A big Uringa crowd gathered at Jane & Dave's to farewell our Swiss expats Sibylle, Matthias, Noel and Corsin. Food was excellent sprinkled with much laughter throughout the evening!

Before dessert was served we all sat down in the "cinema" to view some photos of the Boos family in action. Ron gave an impromptu speech and presented the family with a piece of original Sydney sandstone on a mount, courtesty of Gayle's backyard.

The "cinema"

The culinary highlight was the dessert buffet which featured a carrot cake bake-off between Switzerland and Australia, the jury is still out to decide the winner !! Margrit also went to a lot of trouble baking a beautiful cake decorated with a perfect Swiss flag !

Australia vs Switzerland - carrot cake off!

And the winners were: our stomachs!

The evening ended with Uringans coming alive at "The Sound of Music" !

Sibylle, Matthias, Noel and Corsin have been with our club for the last 2 years and we will all miss their companionship. As we bid them farewell, we wish them all the best settling back into Swiss life. They will always be part of the Uringa family.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Legs of Steele!

Whilst most rolled over in bed last Sunday to catch a few more hours of sleep, one Bronwyn
Steele and her entourage headed in

to the Sydney CBD where Bronny had a date with 21 kilometres of bitumen in the Sydney Half Marathon.
Now Bronny was a girl on a mission and whilst she was keen to run the distance she had another motivating factor- Bronny was raising money for cancer research.

Well Sunday as we all know _ well those who saw the earlier side of 8am would know, was a brilliant morning and the overnight wind gusts had all but dissipated.

Once the race was underway Rick and Sarah headed for a coffee shop to while away the waiting time but before you could order a skinny mogachino with a scone baked from extra virgin flour, Bronwyn had returned in the fantastic time of 105.20 (corrected) and came in 2849th position.

Great work Miss Steele- Uringa is proud of you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uringa at the ACT Champs

A virtual bus load of Uringans headed down to the ACT Championships this weekend. With 3 vents over the two days there were sure to be some very sore legs.
Event 1 the sprint was run in the grounds of Bruce Tafe. The trouble with sprint events is one slip, no matter how minor can send you plummeting down the leader board. However we had a number of excellent performances.

Corsin Boos M10 1st
Noel Boos M12A 1st
Matthias Boos M21A 36th
Dave Lotty M55A 11th
Terry Murphy M55A 18th
Dick Ogilvie M65A 2nd
Clare Murphy W21A 27th
Sibylle Boos W35A 2nd
Linda Sesta W35A 4th
Lisa Lampe W45A 14th
Helen Murphy W55A 7th
Angela Murray W55A 8th
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 1st

The afternoon saw competitors head out of town for the forest for the Middle Distance event and Wild Deer Plains
The Uringa numbers were bolstered by a second bus load of competitors. Angela Murray maintained her consistent form with a solid midfield placement. Sibylle Boos is making the most of her last few aussies runs with fine form however a blue on the 6th control where she dropped 2 minutes to the winner Karen Blatchford proved very costly in the end. Linda Sesta made one of her rare mistakes punching the wrong first control. Youngster Lawrence Jones continues to impress in his first year on orange courses with a fine 2nd place.
You have to feel for Jane Mckenna in W21A after 5.3kms her last control was not registered..

Corsin Boos M10 2nd
Noel Boos M12A 4th
Lawrence Jones M14A 2nd
Matthais Boos M21A 36th
Ian Jones M35A 4th
Dave Lotty M55A 16th
Zuz Burford M55A 18th
Terry Murphy M55A 19th
Dick Ogilvie M65A 3rd
Sophie Jones W10 4th
Georgia Jones W12 mp
Clare Murphy W21A 26th
Jane McKenna W21A mp
Sibylle Boos W35A 2nd
Margaret Jones 8th
Linda Sesta W35A mp
Lisa Lampe W45A 5th
Jitka KoprivaW55A 6th
Angela Murray W55A 9th
Helen Murphy W55A 16th
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 1st
Matthais Boos EOD 2nd

The Long Champs were held at Geary’s Gap north of Canberra on Sunday.

Again Uringa members did very well with a number standing on the podium. Felt a little sorry for Noel and Matthias Boos who both missed the number one spot by 3 seconds and 2 seconds respectively.
Sibylle overturned the previous two results with a 1st in W35A and Linda Sesta was right behind her for an excellent 2nd place. Jane, David and Jared McKenna all scored 1st places so that car was pretty happy heading home

Corsin Boos M10 2nd
Noel Boos M12A 2nd
Lawrence Jones M14A 3rd
Matthias Boos M21AS 2nd
Ian Jones M35A 7th
Dave McKenna M45AS 1st
Dave Lotty M55A 10th
Zuzu Burford M55AS 3rd
Dick Ogilvie M65A 4th
Sophie Jones W10 7th
Georgia Jones W12 1st
Jane McKenna W21AS 1st
Sibylle Boos W35A 1st
Linda Sesta W35A 2nd
Margaret Jones 13th
Lisa Lampe W45A 12th
Jitka KoprivaW55A 12th
Angela Murray W55A 14th
Maureen Ogilvie W75A 1st
Jared McKenna EOD Blue 1st

Well that’s all for now

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SL#5 Timberlight & NSW School Champs

Timberlight was first used way back in 1999 for the Australian School Champs ( I think). Since then the area has been lightly used but remains a firm favourite as its lightly timbered terrain and good contour detail makes for interesting but fast navigation.

It is a map that the plodders enjoy but know that they will be slow. The speedsters love it.

Uringa figure well in the results.
Linda Sesta W40A 2nd
Syblle Boos W40A 3rd
Lisa Lampe W45A 5th
Sarah Garnett W50A 4th
Jan Sargood W50A 5th
Margaret Wilmott W50A 7th
Dave Lotty M60A 4th
Dick Ogilvie M65A 3rd
Dave McKenna M35AS 1st
Matthais Boos M35AS 3rd
Angela Murray W60A 3rd
Jane McKenna W21AS 1st
Rick Steele M45AS 1st
Ron Pallas M45AS 7th
Maureen Ogilvie W70A 1st
Gayle Shepherd W35AS 3rd
Ian Jones M40A 5th
Margaret Jones W40A mp (back early for child minding)

Rolly Buford EOD R7 3rd

Jitka Kopriva EOD R7 4th

Combined with this event was the NSW Schools Championships.

I must say that the Uringa Schoolies did very well.

Corsin Boos M9A 1st

Sophie Jones W10A 3rd

Georgia jones W12A 1st

Ingrid Wilmott W14B 1st

Lawrence Jones M14A 1st

and poor Noel was stuck with his arm swathed in bandages.

State League #4 Wattle Ridge

Wattle Ridge, just west of Hilltop, was last used for the 2008 NSW Champs. Who could forget that event as it was the wettest event that we had had for many a year. In places you had to traverse raging rivers to get to the controls.

SL#4 was the opposite and the dry conditions made traversing the many rock lines a breeze.
The area is a difficult one. As the map below shows it is reasonably green with a lot of rock detail. Large bare rock ledges cliffs and rock faces . It is easy to get disorientated. John Porter who was running the start gave some very wise advice - "stay in contact" with the map. It was indeed great advice. Despite the greeness the broad areas of bare rock were at times like highways leading you on to the next control. For some controls later in their course became attack points for early controls. ( on the map below- using control 6 to zero in on control 3)

With the map a little more than an hour from Sydney ( yes a few of us underestimated the time- sorry Lisa!) there was a pretty strong field of competitors.

Uringa figure well in the results.

Syblle Boos W40A 1st

Lisa Lampe W45A 5th

Sarah Garnett W50A 4th

Margaret Wilmott W50A 7th

Dave Lotty M60A 2nd

Terry Murphy M60A 7th

Dick Ogilvie M65A 3rd

Dave McKenna M35AS 1st

Matthais Boos M35AS 2nd

Angela Murray W60A 4th

Jane McKenna W21AS 1st

Rick Steele M45AS 1st

Ron Pallas M45AS 3rd

Maureen Ogilvie W70A 1st

Gayle Shepherd W35AS 1st

Helen Murphy W45AS 3rd

Corsin Boos M10A 4th

Unfortunately Noel Boos had damaged his arm at a school camp just days before and he was confined to light duties and couldn't run.
After the event Uringans scatterred to all points of the compass to prepare for SL#5 the next day.

Friday, May 8, 2009


You are invited to


To farewell

Sibylle, Matthais, Noel and Corsen

Where: Jane and David McKenna

2 Breakfast Point Boulevard

Breakfast Point

When: Saturday, 23rd May, 2009

Time: 4pm

BYO: Funnel webs/Snake/snags/chook/chair and beverages

translation: snake= steak, snags=sausages, chook=chicken
chair=chair, beverages= drinks
Funnel webs = joke!

Contact Gayle to sort out the salad/dessert ratio