Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Party and the President's Cup

It's a busy time of year but the Uringa Christmas Party is one not to be missed (acknowledging the conflict of birthday parties, other Christmas parties, sporting events and the like). The club thanks its members with a barbecue (drinks, salads and desserts brought by those who attend), Santa Claus and the President's Cup.

Helen and Matt Peters again generously offered their home as the venue along with their close connection to St. Joseph's College.

The 2017 President's Cup set by Jim Mackay proved challenging in more ways than one. 

First was the weather. After a slight rain delay most took to the streets in a gently falling summer rain. (Note that some preferred to relax in front of the cricket instead.)

Second were the questions for each control site: some required closer observation than expected. Everyone did get #23 Message from the church to all orienteers (sign): 'Where do you think we are going' though they might not have been able to answer the question.
 And third was, well, the results of the weather. The questions were printed on the back of the map. A plastic sleeve is little help in the rain when you are trying to write the answers on the back of the map. The outcome was a very good practice at map memory for many of the runners.

 There was a baby to cuddle (getting to be a standard part of a Uringa event again), and a lot to talk about as everyone tucked into to the as usual sumptuous meal. The barbecue chefs were Nick and Aldo.

The clanging of a bell announced the arrival of Santa Claus.

Then it was time for awarding of the President's Cup. Jitka makes the cups for the club's annual presentation. They were presented by Matt on behalf of Jim to Dave, Zoe and Maggie.

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