Sunday, November 29, 2009

The President's Cup

Christmas party collage

President's Cup Results

The Uringa Christmas Party- Presidents Cup
The following are the results from the President's Cup race held Saturday 28th November in what could be best described as hot conditions.

Long – 26 Controls
1 Ian Jones 42.31
2 Mark Darvodlesky 42.33
3 Matt Peters 45.03
4 Dave McKenna 45.05
5 Dave Lotty 53.12
6 Sarah Garnett 53.57
7 John Fuller 58.07
8 Linda Sesta 58.55
9 Rick Steele * 60.35
10 Dick Ogilvie 66.42
11 Terry Murphy * 73.41
12 Penny Field 79.20
* Collected all 30 controls (mad!)

Short – 16 Controls
1 Lawrence Jones 42.07
2 Jenny & Radd 74.29
3 Aldo Sesta 77.44
4 Gayle Shepherd 83.50
5 Maureen Ogilvie 116.00

Kids – 6 Controls
1 Jarred McKenna 30.30

Local knowledge helped Matt out with a bonus point for the Ambulance Bays at the St Joey's Sportsfield.
Gayle claimed a "jet lag" time reduction having just flown in from her annual Bangkok "work conference" that morning.

President's Cup Awards

Large - Sarah Garnett
Sarah is no stranger to liquor shops but showed initiative by entering Vintage Cellars to ask what the % reduction was for beer . ( the store changed it during the week removing the sign from the top of the window.

Small- Helen Peters
Helen has played hostess to the Uringa Xmas party for many years now but she excelled herself with a massive renovation of the Peters home just for the parity. I am reliably informed that Matt had something to do with it.

Grand Child Bragging Rights
This was a tense battle between Grandpa Zuzu/ Grandma Jitka and Nana Gayle. Photos of respective grandchildren were exchange throughout the night. The judging panel viewed all with a great degree of neutrality.
The final decision was to wait a few years to see which one writes the next "War & Peace Novel", climbs Mt Everest first and pilots a "Mars Landing Vehicle"
Stay tuned results will be reported on this site when they happen.
By the way Nick and Margaret with their tribe of grand children chose to exempt themselves from the competition. As they know they have the best looking grand children!