Sunday, June 20, 2010


15 Uringans journeyed north to Anne and Mark's for our annual mid year curry event. It was indeed a grand night with a wide variety of dishes to tempt the palate.

There were some who smothered a bed of rice with a helping of each dish and then others who took each dish one at a time to ensure they could sample the particular flavour of the cuisine.

Which ever way you went at it the night was a case of eat , eat eat.

Thank you to all of our chefs and assistant chefs and a special thankyou to Anne and mark for making their house available.
Also those who weren't able to make it - you missed out on some absolutely scrumptious desserts!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

WORLD CUP- Spotted in the crowd!

Linda and Aldo turned down the QBIII in favour of a trip to South Africa with favourite nephew Nicholas. They were able to secure a ticket or two for some of the games.

Aldo in full Aussie dress for the Aussie V Germany Game.

Well you would not believe it but the trio were spotted in the crowd at a recent game. Shows what happens when you spend vast hours watching the games from the comfort of your couch. Check them out in the photo! That is them 7th row down 4th from the left

Friday, June 18, 2010


At the QBIII the NSW selectors announced the schools team for the Australian Schools Champs in SA later this year.

Lawrence, who is now completing his first season in M14A, has been selected as a reserve in the Junior Boys Team.
Congratulations Lawrence on your selection

Monday, June 14, 2010


The QB111 was held over the June long weekend in Dubbo. the return to the Sappa bulga maps was eagerly awaited after JWOC and Easter 2007 /08 respectively saw Uring aheavily involved in running the events.
The weather was brilliant and the assembly area was a superb sun trap and although it was 12-14 degress up in the open paddocks it was warm as toast down in the assembly area.
The drive in to the event had all the hallmarks of JWOC except Dave mcKenna did not let Jared drive and so wasn't bogged at any time. Hugh "Mudman" Moore got a chance to test his new snatch strap in retrieving several cars from the depths of mud.
Kerryne Jones well known to Uringa as Mrs Average and wife of Bill had a great weekend with victory ( 1st ever) but there is some suggestion that she ws aided by drugs- well she had a cold!

Name Class S1 S2 S3 Time Pl

Ian Jones M40A 17:46 4 75:20 2 49:31 3 142:37 3
Margaret Jones W21AS 17:00 1 84:32 2 52:05 2 153:37 2
Lawrence Jones M-14A 13:06 7 41:45 4 52:59 6 107:50 5
Georgia Jones W-12A 10:44 1 28:44 2 24:04 1 63:32 2
Sophie Jones W-10A 12:29 1 22:49 3 22:16 3 57:34 2
Angela Murray W65A 22:29 3 79:02 4 67:02 3 168:33 2
Dick Ogilvie M65A 18:39 2 87:06 5 61:00 5 166:45 5
Maureen Ogilvie W70A 35:05 3 85:32 2 73:28 3 194:05 2
Gayle Shepherd W35AS 29:33 3 100:21 3 96:22 3 226:16 2
Ron Pallas M45AS 81:29 2 63:14 5
Dave Lotty M65A 17:37 1 69:37 1 57:18 4 144:32 1
David McKenna M35AS 19:55 3 mp 65:56 2
Jane McKenna W21AS 21:14 4 77:28 1 50:47 1 149:29 1
Mark Darvodelsky M50A 18:00 7 59:29 2 dns
Anne Darvodelsky W35AS mp dns
Jan Sargood W50A 95:45 8 63:03 4
Keith Richardson M45AS mp mp
Mary Jane Mahony W60A 32:41 8 mp
Jared McKenna M/W-10N 23:25 2

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Western Sydney Regional Park was the venue for the Metro League Finals. Held in rather pleasant weather conditions organisers forgot to mention the need to carry oxygen for the ascent of the North West Face when approaching the finish.
The view from the finish was brilliant.
Well Uringa CC contested two finals in C and D division. Both teams were matched against Garingal and both teams won. Interestingly enough both teams won by the same margin 35 points to 20!
2nd Linda Sesta
6th Dick Ogilvie
8th Adrian Steele
9th Hilary Wood
11th Dave Lotty
Interesting to note Adrian was suffering from a very late night out. He was partying hard prior to his departure O/S a couple of days later.
2nd Margaret Jones
4th Julia Prudhoe
5th Sarah Garnett
13th Jane McKenna
25th Angela Murray
A Team:
7th Ian Jones
18th Emily Prudhoe
19th Bronwyn Steele
23rd Matt Peters
24th Clare Murphy
Congratulations to all team members and as Meat Loaf sang 2 out of 3 aint bad!