Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sprint the Southwest

It was earlier this month, and what fun! Organised by SWOT (South West Orienteering Trekkers) to follow the Australian Champs in WA, it was two days and four sprints in WA's terrific southwest. Uringa participants were Dick Ogilvie, Maureen Ogilvie, Dave Lotty, Brian Cleland and Mary Jane Mahony. The final event (see map below) included a maze, a maze like garden and some bush, all offering up a substantial challenge. The most fun though was at Cowaramup, with a control seemingly behind every cow.

Thanks to the Spring the Southwest photographers for most of these photos.

Uringa Party Time: Revisited - the Winter Curry Night in September

Too much going on recently with this correspondent, but we are settled back in Sydney and a little catchup is in order.

To those of you who missed the great annual Winter Curry Night (held this year as Helen and Terry Murphy's home), Don't miss the annual Christmas Party!   Food, fun and frolic and an orienteering run as well. If somehow you missed the email with the details sent out by President Linda Sesta, follow it up.

And to inspire you, here are a few photos from the 2014 Winter Curry Night.

It's not all food and fun, or is it. There was testing of new Spooks in the Park games.

 And, yes, the Social Secretary gives out prizes.

And sometimes it's just all a bit much...or is this just the effect of the lead up to the HSC?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Southern Sydney Summer Series #1

Fancy a Sunday afternoon run? Well, the Southern Sydney Summer Series kicked off yesterday, with the first event taking place in Sandringham. A lovely beachside area with some huge mansions along the esplanade, and a nice "nature strip" through the middle of the map, plus a somewhat challenging strong Southerly wind were the main features of the day. The course setter used the best areas on the map, and route choices were pretty straight forward, as the only real decision was whether to head south right into the Southerly via #4, 7, 19, 20 etc. or to return "with" the wind from 20 up to the finish! Anyway, all in all a pretty decent training session!!

The next events coming up are as followed (please check Eventor for further details):

2 Nov             Undercliffe               Uringa event!!!
9 Nov             Haberfield                 Uringa event!!!
16 Nov           Croydon Park          
23 Nov           Maroubra  
30 Nov           Oatley
7 Dec              Randwick
14 Dec            Leichhardt                Uringa event!!!    

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Karrak Karnival / Australian Schools Champs

Thanks to Eventor those of us who are enjoying WA in other ways can still keep an eye on what's been happening in the Karnival.

Schools Championships

Uringan Georgia Jones is a member of the NSW schools team,

Australian Schools Individual Championships (Wed)
Senior Girls
3 Georgia Jones

Australian Schools Relay Championships (Thu)
4 NSW2 Team: Georgia Jones with Rebecca Greg and Melissa Aurett

Public events

Kocky's Overture (Wed)
19 Dave Lotty

4 Dick Ogilvie

Western Australia Karrak Karnival (Weekend 1)

A very small and select group of Uringans travelled (far) west for the rich repast of orienteering being laid on by our Western Australian orienteering colleagues.

The first weekend (a long weekend in WA) saw a number of DNSs and MPs. Brian and I got to the assembly area on Saturday, and as the rain poured down decided that we weren't the hard core orienteeers everyone else was. Fortunately the sun shone during the rest of the weekend, though other challenges were offered. The Monday sprint at Curtin University offered a great assembly area where one could socialise, watch the runners coming through a spectator control at one end and into the finish at the other (just by turning around), eat and drink from a variety of caterers (coffee! waffles! fresh juices! pizza! dumplings!), and just enjoy the sunshine.

Well, these managed to complete their courses...

WA Long Distance Championships (Sat)
7 Georgia Jones
6 Shane Doyle
2 Jim McKay
7 Dave Lotty
5 Dick Ogilvie
M/W Open Very Easy
1 Serena Doyle

Australian Middle Distance Championships (Sun)
7 Serena Doyle
8 Georgia Jones
16 Mary Jane Mahony
1 Maureen Ogilvie
18 Finn McKay
9 Shane Doyle
22 Jim McKay
14 Dave Lotty
8 Brian Cleland

Australian Sprint Championships (Mon)
1 Serena Doyle
19 Finn McKay
31 Jacob Doyle
23 Jim McKay
4 Mary Jane Mahony
10 Dave Lotty
4 Brian Cleland