Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Christmas party



Sumptuous sausages and sizzling steaks prepared by Chef Brett certainly hit the spot after the brutal Presidents Cup run.
Thanks to Matt the map was excellent and the terrain flat. President Ron selected 30 devious controls for the long and 20 for the short ( not necessarily the same questions mind you!) The complication was that participants had to choose only 19 or 13 depending on the course they were running.
Clare managed to score 21/19 on the long course as she picked up two bonus points for working the percentage out complete with decimal points!
The results below show that local knowledge helped some of the Murphy clan but not others.

Long Course
Catherine 18/19 32.58
Matt 16/19 39.46
Clare 21/19 44.36
Maggie 18/19 49.21
Dick 18/19 53.52
Lisa 16/19 54.07
Lawrence 17/19 57.41
Dave 16/19 57.42
Nick 18/19 61.00
Terry 30/30 83.21

Short Course
Jared 12/13 24.05
Dave 13/13 24.07
Brian 13/13 30.00
Helen 12/13 32.15
Christine & Julia 13/13 32.21
Mary Jane 12/13 32.38
Linda 13/13 33.13
Margaret 12/13 33.27
Georgia 12/13 38.19
Gayle 12/13 39.03
Mike 13/13 39.55
Aldo 12/13 58.59
Maureen 12/13 67.20

Now the Presidents Cup was as usual a cut throat affair. There were those who cheated and sent their daughter ahead on foot to get the control card in a few precious seconds early. Topping that was the mother daughter pairing of Christine & Julia with Julia riding a scooter at break neck speeds (tripped the speed camera on Concord Rd) to get back just that little bit faster.
Then there were the smarties- name the reserve- Murphys Folly! Yes Nick a good try!
After a fine round of mains our attention was turned to desserts and as usual the pickings were delicious.
With Australia coping a hammering in the cricket and then Sydney FC in a similar position in the soccer- the President’s presentation alleviated all thoughts of drowning sorrows in a refreshing beverage or two.
The beautifully crafted Presidents Cup (thanks again Jitka) was awarded to Catherine. Sister Clare was awarded the Little Presidents Cup – mainly to stop the whinging especially about the number of drain grates!

A special presentation was made to Lawrie, Georie-Porgie and Soph as they are now Aussie Kids. Maggie, Jonesy and the kids became Aussies last Thursday – but after seeing the cricket score they are rethinking their decision.

It was a fantastic night and hopefully Mary Jane will add to the photo gallery.
many thanks to the Murphy's for the venue and also to Brett, Natt, Clare, Catherine and Pat who were willing slaves: Helen the consumate hostess and of course the "Madge" who esured that we all enjoyed the evening.