Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Southern Sydney Summer Series Wrap-up

Uringa ran four of the eight events in the 2016 Southern Sydney Summer Series. Thanks to Adrienne Kirby, Ian McKenzie, Shane Doyle and Dave Lotty for course setting, and everyone for helping out.

The Series comprises eight events, with the best four results added for the final score and ranking.  Uringans were well represented . . . helping out at all those events (and the great socialising that goes with it on a Sunday afternoon) brings out a lot of members.

(Please don't be shy about offering to help in some way, or just asking to compare maps and route choices. The 'rusted on' orienteers sometimes get a bit carried away talking to one another because of a long shared history,)

Junior Men
1 Benoit Pecoud
4 Finn Mackay
6 Jakob Doyle
7 Michael Southwell

Junior Women
1 Sophie Jones
2 Marie Doyle
3 Georgia Jones
4 Serena Doyle
5 Maggie Mackay
6 Janine Southwell
10 Zara Doyle

Open Men
4 Ondrej Pavlu
5 Michael Weiner
11 Myall Quint

Open Women
3 Catherine Murphy
11 Clare Murphy

Masters Men
2 Own Shepherd

Masters Women
5 Jane Boland

Veteran Men
1 Ant Nolan
2 Ian Jones
7 Shane Doyle
9 Michael Warlters

Veteran Women
2 Maggie Jones
3 Linda Sesta

Super Veteran Men
4 Jim Mackay
12 Matt Peters
14 Ron Pallas

Super Veteran Women
2 Gayle Shepherd
3 Adrienne Kirby

Legends Men
3 Ian McKenzie
5 Dick Ogilvie
9 Dave Lotty
10 Terry Murphy

Legends Women
2 Mary Jane Mahony
3 Helen Murphy

Immortal Men
1 Brian Cleland

Immortal Women
1 Maureen Ogilvie

Walking Men
2 Laurent Billot
3 Ian McKenzie

Walking Women
1 Monica Brockmyre

Apologies if you were left off the list above

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Big Foot Sprints

The 19th running of the BigFoot Sprints was staged on the Crimson Hill Map. Crimson Hill is the latest designer enclave just on the western edge of Lindfield and for the residents the bush surrounding the residences must be a huge attraction. There is a high school being built in the area so it should be a great area for a sprint in the future with a juicy mix of buildings and bush!

Anyone in the "gun runner" category must have fancied their chances for a win however all hopes were dashed when Julian Dent rode into town. Julian,  having spent some 15 years competing at international level plus living in Sweden for the past 5 years, was just too fast. His combined times for the two races of 16.44 was faster than 2/3 of the fields time for just one leg. Ondrej, in 2nd place,  mind you only dropped 49 seconds to Julian in the second race. Third placed was another ex- elite Grant Bluett.
In the women's race it was Shannon Jones from ACT who lead the field home finishing in 23.20. Paula Shingler was 2nd just 26 seconds behind. Third was Tracy Bluett.
The Chase
The leg start to 1 was interesting - do you go left or right. I went left but I wonder if left was faster?

Up and coming junior Serena had a very comfortable win on the Entree Course.

As for the Uringan brigade:
2. Ondrej 19.16
10. Shane 23.30
21. Linda 30.08
31. Ian McK 38.50
36 Maree 41.32
42. Ron 48.01
43. Dave 48.05
47. Gayle 61.49

Entree Course
1. Serena 10.14

I wonder how much closer Shane would have been to the top of the list, mind you top ten is nothing to be sneezed at, as he lost his glasses at control 5 on the first map and ran "blind" for the remainder of the race. He returned to the area and located his glasses.
The "crocs" Dave and Ron had a battle royal with Dave's superior navigation eating into Ron's first race lead and he made  his passing move between 10 /11. Alas for Dave a sprint by Ron to the finish meant he kept his nose in front overall.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Centennial Park Final Event of Southern Summer Series

Was it Centennial Park? Was it the bake sale fundraiser for Zonta birthing kits? Was it the weather? Was it just December?

Nearly ninety runners signed on for the last event of the 2016 Southern Summer Series.

Dave Lotty set a wide-ranging course.  A number of control were placed on controls in the Centennial Park permanent course, reminding runners that of that other option. (Information on the permanent course is here.)

There was a late challenging change to the map: just what film will be made at the filmset under construction (causing a control to be moved 50 metres and challenging navigation planning)?  There was the usual problem with navigation in the bushy northern part of the map (yes, bush - the park is not all lawns and ponds).

Helen Murphy and Mary Jane Mahony, supported by a band of Uringa bakers, raised over $500 to donate to the Zonta Club of Sydney Breakfast Inc towards the next Birthing Kits Assembly Day. Sugar hits from luscious cookies, cupcakes, slices and cake were widespread.

Sue Thompson (Garingal) won the first raffle prize Christmas cake and Kevin Kirby (Illawarra Kareelah) the second prize.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Party & End of Year Celebration

President's Cup winners: Marg, the Nolan  'Gong Team (cyclists), Georgia
The Uringa Christmas party is one of the club's two big annual social events (the winter dinner being the other). This year's event was yet another highly successful mix of orienteering (the President's Cup), socialising, eating, and, of course, Santa Claus. The venue this year was provided by Matt and Helen (all renovations complete), along with the pool at St. Joseph's College across the street.

The President's Cup
The traditional afternoon start (3.30pm-ish) was not a hot one this year, with the temperature moderated by a cloudy sky. The map offered a hill, water views and crossings, and St.Joseph's College campus.

The course offered 21 controls for a 40 minute score event, with a question to be answered at each. Much discussion afterwards on some of them: what is a chimney stack and how does it differ from a chimney pot? what is a goal post (when seen from a distance)? and even where is south? and, oh yes, I was distracted while I was counting the bricks.

President's Cup mugs, made by Jitka, are awarded at the discretion of the club president. (For a complete history of President's Cup awardees, go to the 2015 November postings in this blog.)

The Eating and the Socialising

You didn't have to enter the President's Cup to enjoy this aspect, though you did have to bring your contribution to the meal.

The club provides the barbecue cooked by Aldo and Ron  (meat and vegetarian options) while attendees bring a plate, coordinated by Gayle. It was a feast! Again.

Best of all was the opportunity to catch up with old friends, get to know new friends better, and start the wind-down to the end of the year.


And, of course, there was Santa

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cup & Saucer (Sydney Summer Series South of the Harbour)

Cup & Saucer is the newest of the Cooks River maps, and had its first outing for an event in the 26th year of the Wednesday Sydney Summer Series.

Rick Steel set a course which catered to all, not too hilly, lots of route choice (even with a river and a creek and limited crossings of each).

Those who were not among the 140 or so runners who turned up Wednesday can be forgiven. This time.

Yes, the radar said there would be a storm, and there was: set up for the event was compactly arranged within a picnic shelter and the early runner went out in the rain - but then the weather cleared and it was a lovely, cool summer evening from about 5pm onwards.

Yes, there would have been substantial traffic between north of the harbour and south of the harbour, but we know all about that - summer series orienteers living south of the harbour routinely experience it to attend the many north of the harbour events.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Watson's Bay Wow (Southern Summer Series)

Adrienne Kirby's first ever course setting for Uringa Orienteers was a wow! Great views of the Pacific Ocean to the east, while to the west Watson's Bay, Parsley Bay, Sydney Harbour - you name it. There were ups and downs aplenty - after all, Old South Head Rd runs along a narrow ridge. The views, the challenge, the sea breezes all made it worthwhile.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cooper Park - an up and down Sunday challenge

 A stone's throw from Bondi Junction is the lovely Cooper Park (and environs). The park/s were their lovely selves on a Sunny afternoon, and the envrions  were, well, hilly. This map is always a challenge to navigators to minimise the ups and downs. On this outing the big points were out at the edges, and from the scores it appears not too many participants reached them. Thanks to course setter Ian McKenzie for a challenging run.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Uringa Orienteers Christmas Party


We would like to encourage all newcomers to come along and join us for this traditional Uringa event; we always have a very jolly time, and it's a great way to meet fellow Uringans.

Sunday, 27 November 2016 (please note new date)

3.30 pm mass start                                  
 The President's Cup is bike and pram friendly !!

 Helen and Matt’s Mansion, 38A Mary St, Hunters Hill
What to bring:  
Running gear, BYO drinks, chair, cossies

Steak and sausages will be provided by the club.                                 
 Let Gayle know if you require a veggie burger
** Nominate whether you’d like to bring a salad, dessert or nibbles **

Will be making an appearance, so if you have little kiddies (or bigger ones) don’t  forget to bring a present.  

to gayleshep@hotmail.com by Monday, 21 November 2016  advising number of adults/children, carnivore or herbivore, and whether  you are bringing salad, dessert or nibbles.

Orienteering NSW Presentation

The NSW Presentations took place last Sunday at Lake Parramatta Reserve in slightly humid conditions, but it’s nice to be finally out in T-shirt and shorts!! Bennelong put on a great 45 minute score event in bush terrain around the pretty lake system. Careful planning (at least for some!!) was required as km rates were definitely going to be slower than at your usual urban score event. Ian Jessup took us through the Award proceedings in record time, probably due to the fact that hardly anyone was there to receive their awards :-(  . Uringa picked up quite a few Orienteer of the Year badges, which is calculated on the 7 best results in State League events. Congratulations and well done to all the recipients:

1st W14A Sophie Jones
1st W17-20A Georgia Jones
1st W80 Maureen Ogilvie
1st M45A Shane Doyle
2nd W15-20B Maree Doyle
2nd W45A Linda Sesta
2nd W55A Lisa Lampe
2nd M14A Finn Mackay
2nd M15-20B Jakob Doyle
2nd M Open B Michael Lloyd
3rd W14A Serena Doyle
3rd W15-20B Zara Doyle

Thanks to Linda for the report.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Last of the 2016 State League Events!

The final State League Double Header was held on the Southern Highlands on a weekend of contrasts.
Saturday was cold and bleak with occasional rain  and Sunday absolutely glorious with clear skies and not a cloud in the sky. That is where the differences finished. The similarity was simple- thick bush.
Interestingly I went looking for some quotable quote about thick bush but all I could find were the words of a rather famous American family!

State League 11
“Boxvale Tramway” is an interesting area with the south western cliff line providing real navigational challenge. Unfortunately much of the map is vague and a case of “Bingo I found" it as you pushed through  stuff.  (see leg 1-2 - I found the rock se of the control)

Mind you the walk along the tramway is beautiful ( Closed at the moment). The views at the northern end are magic!

 A little history:
The line, of standard gauge, was built in 1888 to carry coal mined in Nattai Gorge the seven klms to the main southern Line at Mittagong. The line passes through several cuttings and a tunnel 84 metres in length. It ends at the "incline", by which coal was brought up from the gorge. The Colliery probably had its heyday in 1888, when 100 tons of coal per week were shipped to Melbourne during a coal strike. The Colliery was closed in 1896 and the tramway (railway) abandoned.

So a number of Uringans came and ran but a quick look at the results will see that the times were way longer than expected.  The courses made use of that super interesting rock line where you had to stay focused whilst many around were impersonating headless chooks.

Only 3 Uringans finished off the podium  and of the winners Ian McKenzie’s win in M35A was worthy of special mention. (Ian backed it up with a close 4th in M40A the following day.)

Maureen Ogilvie
Sophie Jones
Ian McKenzie
Jim Mackay
Ian Jones
Shane Doyle
Maggie Mackay
Linda Sesta
Finn Mackay
Margaret Jones
Ron Pallas
Dick Ogilvie
Dave Lotty
Gayle Shepherd

State League 12.
I have been going to Belanglo since around 1984 and it was a case of having read the planners comments I should have considered staying at home. The area has greened up- the white is light green, the light green darker and the dark green……. However it was a real physical challenge in places and a mental challenge in others.
As I mentioned earlier the weather was typical southern highlands. Chilly in the shade but magnificent in the sun. It was interesting to see the number of orienteers who paid a visit the Memorial for those who lost their lives in the Backpacker Murders.
The courses were well set to the long format and we had some great navigational challenges in the rock. But it was often a case of the vegetation “10 orienteer 0” as it was difficult to stay on line and or read the lie of the land. My leg 8 to 9 was  a case in part as the 100 metres from the track junction to the control should be a snack. Alas the thick green  just prior has grown in volume and pushed you away south  from the control with the track at #10 to save you. The better route choice was to go north east on the track and come due south – it was apparently thick but not as thick
Again some great results and it was good to see that Gayle remembered to visit all controls this time!

Georgia Jones
Maureen Ogilvie
Ian Jones
Sophie Jones
Finn Mackay
Jim Mackay
Maggie Mackay
Gayle Shepherd
Shane Doyle
Ian McKenzie
Ron Pallas
Dave Lotty
Dick Ogilvie
did not finish


With the final events in the winter bush season almost upon us it is time to look ahead for the upcoming 2016-2017 summer season.
There are a number of series run during the summer

NSSS- North Sydney Summer Series (begins 5th October)
SSSS- South Sydney Summer Series 
(begins 9th October)
WSSS- West Sydney Summer Series 
(begins 9th October)
Sprint Series (begins in 8th January 2017)

Uringa has a foot in three of the above series  - NSSS, SSSS, Sprint Series
These are our commitments  for the summer Events
16 Oct
Scarborough Park
Shane Doyle
6 Nov
Cooper Park
Ian McKenzie
20 Nov
Watsons Bay
Adrienne Kirby
23 Nov
Hurlstone Park
Cup & Saucer Creek
Rick Steele
11 Dec
Centennial Park
Centennial Park
Dave Lotty
15 Jan
Mort Bay Dock
Helen Murphy
Sprint Series
25 Jan
Lilyfield Lanes
Matt Peters
19 Feb
Sydney Park
Dave McKenna
The events on 23/11 and 25/01 are big events with 200 plus runners. The other events usually have up to 100 or so.


Another important Date for your Diary

Date: Saturday 26 November
Venue: Matt and Helen’s at Hunters Hill
Time: Approx 3.30pm onwards
Details: Official Invite to come!