Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Uringa Veteran Women blitz Southern Sydney Summer Series

The Southern Sydney Summer Series is over for another year. Uringa is a heavy contributor of events (4 of 8 this year), and so had quite a few runners (though a number did not run even four times).

The final competition results are based on the best four. Everyone who ran at least once is noted below.

Junior Women
1 Serena Doyle
5 Maggie Mackay

Junior Men
1 Finn Mackay
3 Jonathan Nolan
8 Sam Dubossarsky
10 Sacha Dubossarsky
11 William Nolan

Open Men
7 Ondrej Pavlu
10 Myall Quint

Masters Women
11 Monica Brockmyre
13 Hannah Watts

Masters Men
3 Owen Shepherd
6 Phillip Ryan
7 Ori Gules
10 Michael Weiner
10 Serje Robidoux

Veteran Women
1 Linda Sesta
2 Zoe Melling
3 Jane Boland
4 Melanie Christie

Veteran Men
1 Ant Nolan
6 Michael Warlter
8 Shane Doyle

Super Veteran Men
1 Matt Peters
4 Jim McKay

Legends Women
2 Helen Murphy
3 Mary Jane Mahony

Legends Men
5 Dave Lotty
6 Terry Murphy
7 Dick Ogilvie

Immortal Men
2 Brian Cleland

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