Friday, December 29, 2017

Arthursleigh: a romp in the forest

Day 2 (the Long Distance) of the 2017 NSW Christmas Five Days Orienteering Carnival was organised by Uringa.

Jim Mackay set the course with Nick Wilmott controlling, and Dave Lotty assisting all around. These three put out the controls in mid-December to get a head start on the event logistics.

The shearers' quarters
Leave gates as you find them
A small but determined band of other club members (Melanie Christie, Brian Cleland, Serena and Shane Doyle, Finn and Maggie Mackay, Ian McKenzie, Mary Jane Mahony and Dick and Maureen Ogilvie) set up and pulled down the Assembly and Start. 

Some over-nighted in the shearers' quarters to be in place early on the day.

The Assembly Area was a little further beyond the shearers' quarters. Look for the Ogilvies' yellow van - they camped. (There was another gate, and a rather 'interesting' spillway to cross, on the way.)

Others impressed by arriving early in the morning from Sydney, Goulburn or elsewhere, even with 25 km of rural road from the motor way, about twelve of it narrow dirt and a gate.

How many Uringans does it take to set up a Start?

Melanie managed the first aid section. Fortunately, she reported, business was down compared with the May event on this map.

Of course, Ron Pallas, the Five Day Organiser, was running the computers as well as being chief announcer for prizes.

Everyone had a good time (and everyone who wanted to had a good run in the forest).

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thanks to Dave Lotty for mapping Dulwich Hill Public School

Mapper Dave Lotty was thanked by Jonathan Nolan, pupil at Dulwich Hill Public School, for his map of the school. A day of orienteering activities at the school using the map was highly successful.

Southern Summer Series Finishes at Centennial Park

It's becoming a tradition for Uringa to hold the last event of the Southern Summer Series at Centennial Park.

There is a long history of a relationship between the club and the park. This includes setting up the permanent orienteering course (see the June 15, 2012 blog post 'Final Marker - Centennial Park Permanent Course'). If you'd like to tryout the permanent course go here for further information.

Course setters Shane and Serena Doyle used some of the permanent course markers as control sites, so you can see what they are like in the photos.

Also part of this year's event was a small raffle spearheaded by Helen Murphy to raise funds for the Zonta BreastCare Cushion Project, which gives comfort and support to women and men who have had surgery for breast cancer. The Zonta Club of Sydney Breakfast thanks Helen, Gayle Shepherd, Jane Boland and Terry Murphy for donating the prizes and everyone who donated by purchasing raffle tickets.

Uringa Veteran Women blitz Southern Sydney Summer Series

The Southern Sydney Summer Series is over for another year. Uringa is a heavy contributor of events (4 of 8 this year), and so had quite a few runners (though a number did not run even four times).

The final competition results are based on the best four. Everyone who ran at least once is noted below.

Junior Women
1 Serena Doyle
5 Maggie Mackay

Junior Men
1 Finn Mackay
3 Jonathan Nolan
8 Sam Dubossarsky
10 Sacha Dubossarsky
11 William Nolan

Open Men
7 Ondrej Pavlu
10 Myall Quint

Masters Women
11 Monica Brockmyre
13 Hannah Watts

Masters Men
3 Owen Shepherd
6 Phillip Ryan
7 Ori Gules
10 Michael Weiner
10 Serje Robidoux

Veteran Women
1 Linda Sesta
2 Zoe Melling
3 Jane Boland
4 Melanie Christie

Veteran Men
1 Ant Nolan
6 Michael Warlter
8 Shane Doyle

Super Veteran Men
1 Matt Peters
4 Jim McKay

Legends Women
2 Helen Murphy
3 Mary Jane Mahony

Legends Men
5 Dave Lotty
6 Terry Murphy
7 Dick Ogilvie

Immortal Men
2 Brian Cleland

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The President's Cup History (updated from 2015)

The Cup has been going since 1988. That means next year's will be the 30th running.

The course is set by the Club President (or delegate). There are no set rules other than for it to be enjoyable. The cups are crafted by Jitka Kopriva.

The table below is the collated history we have. Can any one add or amend it?  Do you have a cup? Please send any amendments, and/or a photo of your cup with any details, to

Big Cup
Small Cup
Medium Cup
Villa Maria
Dave Lotty
Maggie Mackay
Zoe Melling
Villa Maria
‘Gong Team Ant &
Will Nolan
Margaret Wilmott
Georgia Jones
Villa Maria
Adrienne Kirby
Aldo Sesta
Sophie Jones
Butchers Block
Maggie Jones
Rick Steel
Michael Weiner
Exile Bay
Brian Cleland
Will Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
Penny Field
Callan Park
Ian Jones
Jared McKenzie

Grays Point
Ron Pallas
Matt Peters

Catherine Murphy
Clare Murphy

Villa Maria
Sarah Garnett
Helen Peters

Grays Point
Mary Jane Mahony
Sue Bolton

Villa Maria
Helen Murphy
Jane McKenna

Villa Maria
Maureen Ogilvie
John Fuller

Villa Maria
Linda Sesta
David McKenna

Villa Maria

Gayle Shepherd

Butchers Block
Matt Peters

Bronwyn Steele/
Thea Richardson
Rick Steele

Chris Mill
David Lotty


Ross Coyle
Patrick Murphy

Peters' Precinct
Dick Ogilvie
Nick Wilmott

Richo's Realm
Lisa Lampe
Michael Anderson

Bicentennial Park
Maureen Ogilvie
Ross Coyle

The Piggery
Anita Scherrer
Sue Bolton ?? Enock Strange

John Fuller
Jane McKenna

Margaret Wilmott
Maureen Ogilvie

Ray Lidgard

Terry Murphy
John Wilmott

Keith Richardson
Jan Sargood

Belanglo Creek
Michael Anderson
Wendy Fleming