Monday, April 29, 2013

SL#3 WATTLE RIDGE- "Survivor Hilltop"

When you scan the results taking a close look at the kilometre rates (a nifty feature of Eventor results) you will quickly see that the only competitors breaking 10 minutes a km were those on the easy / very easy courses. For the majority of competitors  it would appear that 20 minutes plus a km was the norm.
Why is this? Have a look at the map and you will see two things; A very complex rock area aided and abetted by varying shades of green.

The comments from competitors supported this - "great course but oh so tough" "Great courses but way too long"
A total of 13 Uringans took the State League 3 Challenge
1st Placings:
W16A  Georgia Jones
W21AS Linda Sesta
M18A  Lawrence Jones
M45A  Ian Jones
2nd Placings
W45A  Jane McKenna
W45AS  Gayle Shepherd
W70A  Maureen Ogilvie
3rd Placings
W12A  Sophie Jones
W45A  Maggie Jones

Other Placings:
WOpen  Pennny Field  4th
W55A  Margaret Wilmott  5th
M65A  Dick Ogilvie  7th
M65A  Dave Lotty  8th

Another State league event done. Congratulations to our  1st place getters who add 100 points to their State League tally.
Rounds 4 and 5 happen on the weekend of the 18th & 19th May close to Lithgow. The entry is still open for a few more days.
See you there

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Metro League 2- Callan Park

It was an extremely bright and sunny day that greeted organisers and competitors for Metro League 2. The grounds of the notorious Callan Park are so beautiful and the setting so idyllic that it makes orienteering at this venue a privilege .

The courses set by Nick and Margaret took advantage of the complexities of the map and the traps set by the setters managed to catch about 10 orienteers who failed to read their control descriptions and check control numbers.

For Uringa competitively it was a great day with all teams winning:

Division 2  UR-CC Harriers

Name   Time   Points

Ian Jones 23.48 10

Lawrence Jones 26.26 8

Dick Ogilvie 30.41 3

Nick Dent 27.48 7

Linda Sesta 29 4

Total 32

Division 3   UR-CC Kites

Name Time Points

Paul Batten 23.08 9

Julia Prudhoe 28.45 4

Jane McKenna 30.38 3

Hilary Wood 26.55 6

Maggie Jones 26.06 8

Total 30

Division 4   UR-CC Falcons

Name Time Points

Dave Lotty 26.52 9

Helen Murphy 32.57 5

David Jones 37.37 3

Brian Cleland 31.16 7

Bronwyn Batten 36.01 4

Total 28

Close one here as IK scored 27 points!

Division 5   UR-CC Kestrels

Name Time Points

Lisa Lampe 42.4 5

Maureen Ogilvie 44.37 4

Adrienne Kirby 36.5 8

Penny Field 51.38 2

Jim McKay 30 10

Total 29

New members really got into the swing with Bronwyn and Paul Batten, Jim Mackay and Adrienne Kirby all scoring handsomely in their respective classes. Alex batten enjoyed the Very easy Course. Luke and Jack Brown plus mum and dad were also enjoying the day although Luke missed his first control to record and mp. Also running with Uringa (his Aussie Club) all the way from the UK was David Jones: dad and granddad to the Jones clan!

Individually there were some outstanding performances. Ian and Lawrence Jones on the division 2 course came in 2nd and 5th respectively. Paul batten was 4th in the division 3 course and Jim Mackay managed a top 10 placing in Division 5. Sophie Jones was the clear winner on the easy Course.

Whilst there was chaos at the finish due to 2 controls and a computer deciding that they wanted to spoil the day, the event went off extremely well. A big vote of thanks to Dave, John and Sue who remained behind to collect controls.

The next Metro event occurs on 26th May at Cattai.

Uringa will next tackle the water stop at the Great Nosh Run on June 2nd and then we are organising Day 3 of the QB111

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gold'n Ponds - Day 2 Mt Alexander

Day 2 offered a challenging map as Ron has pointed out in an earlier post. In fact, it was a bit of a challenge just to get to the assembly area from the car park: 750m with 75m of climb (which just occasionally felt like straight up, and we were all carrying that gear you need at assembly, like chairs and snacks and, of course, one's Ogear).

It was worth the climb, however, as the assembly area was a beautiful open plateau with great views across the landscape.

Somehow the Lion's brought a barbecue up to the side, there was also a much patronised coffee van (average wait in the queue about 30 minutes), and Maureen was taxied up in a four-wheel drive.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gold'n Ponds - a short video

If you weren't there you might like to look at this 3minute45second video
No Uringans in sight (I think) but you get the flavour of a bush event.

On Golden Ponds

On Golden Ponds

Bendigo played host to the 2013 Australian 3 days (4 if you’re an elite) carnival providing all competitors with a variety of terrains in areas close to Bendigo. This allowed a maximisation of tourist activities in a city which had a huge Easter carnival happening. Parades, fireworks, displays including old VWs and a book fair that had Dick O drooling were great entertainment.

Day 1 for the punters was held on “Yorkshire Hill” a stone’s throw from the city centre. The area was heavily mined during the 1850’s and the remnant mine shafts and mullock heaps create a lunar landscape in places. At times it is easy to lose one’s way in the mounds.

Sophie and Georgia Jones were on a mission with a 1st and 2nd placing in W12A and W16A respectively. Also securing a 2nd was Gayle Shepherd in W55AS. Brian Cleland in M75A was not far off the pace in 4th.

After a good rest the crowds flocked to Mount Alexander for day 2. The map looks very much like a fly with inked feet spent the day treading all over the map. Black dots everywhere! I can remember this map from an event held last century. (Dave l could probably tell me when!) This was going to be movers day for sure. The steepness of the terrain made it imperative that you remained on the right contour and all the rock made it a case of stay in contact of spend time scratching one’s head. There was a lot of conjecture amongst some very respected navigators about the placement and or map around control 6.

Georgia in W16A maintained her contact with the leaders with a fine 3rd . Sophie slipped out of the top 3 after a little trouble on her course. Gayle also had troubles and dropped to 9th on this day. Mind you Dick O had one of his better runs for a while finishing in 13th place in M65A. Jitka Kopriva, W65A and Ian Jones M45A were the only other Uringans who managed to move up the leader board on this day. Dave McKenna showed fine form in the rock in M45AS to claim 3rd.

After food, wine and another good sleep it was off to Kangaroo Flat for the final day on “Crusoe” . Today proved to be a day of consolidation as the open forested yet vague terrain seemed easy but it proved to be easy to make simple errors. Jitka commented on her 1st control- straight down the fence and in: Yep Jitka went on to say that she went in about 20 metres and spent some time finding the control which was about 35m in.

Sophie Jones returned to the podium with a fine 2nd placing. Jitka continued her march up the leaders list with a very strong 6th and Gayle returned to form and climbed to 4th place. Maureen, in W80A, returned to the forest after missing Days 1 &2 following surgery showed she was still at the top her of her game with an outstanding win in her class.

Overall results

After 3 days prizes were awarded with Sophie and Georgia finishing in 2nd and 3rd overall in their respective classes. Gayle was just a whisker away from the podium in W55As finishing 4th.

If you want consistency Sarah Garnett managed to finish in 12th, 12th, 12th for the 3 days which led to her finishing 12th overall. Ask her about her run on day 2 as she was absolutely over the moon with what was a PB in that terrain.

And so the carnival finished and it was a case for many of an early exit for the drive up the Hume to home.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Summer Series Overall results

The Sydney Summer Series came to end last Wednesday, after 27 events between October and March. Quite a few Uringa members turned up Wednesday after Wednesday for their weekly dose of the 45 minute score event, which are held around the inner West, lower North Shore, Parramatta, Pennant Hills and other interesting locations. The best 12 runs for each runner counted towards the overall results and we got 3 podium finishers! Congratulations to Mary Jane, Catherine and Chris!!


Women Open (21-34 yrs)
2nd       Catherine Murphy
10th      Clare Murphy

Women Legends (65-69)
2nd       Mary Jane Mahony

Men Walkers
3rd        Chris Brown
6th         Ian McKenzie

Women Super Vet (55-64)
5th         Helen Murphy

Women Juniors (17-20)
6th         Georgia Jones

Men Immortals (>69)
6th          Brian Cleland

Women Walkers
7th          Alison Pearce

Men Open (21-34)
8th          Michael Weiner

Men Legends (65-69)
8th          Terry Murphy

Women Veterans (45-54)
13th        Lisa Lampe

Men Masters (35-44)
15th        Laurent Billot