Thursday, January 30, 2014

Balmain/Birchgrove a highlight of Uringa's summer season (yet again)

'Skinny Latte 4.0' was the map, Matt Peters the mapmaker and test runner, and Brian Cleland the course setter and organiser. The Uringa helpers were out in full force.

Location. Location. Location. If you go to only one Uringa summer event, this is the one to choose.  If you participated, these were some of the places you would go and sights you would see.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Carss Park a hidden beauty

Well, the beauty as well as the runners might have been pictured here, but the camera went dead on the way out to the first cluster of controls.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Murphy's Law and other Uringa injuries

Well, the New Year hasn't started so great for some Uringa members as far as injuries are concerned! I can report following on the Murphy adventure which involves some unbelievably bad luck:
Loving couple rides bikes, dogs run in front, crash occurs, Helen crashes first and then Terry crashes into Helen. Both end up in Concord Hospital ER. Terry is released the same day with a broken pelvic bone, while Helen has been in hospital ever since with a broken elbow. Today she had surgery which according to Clare went well - hopefully Helen will be released tomorrow.
Both are feeling a bit uncomfortable but Terry confirms that the kids have been terrific.

And while we are on injuries, Jane McK is walking around with a leg brace after injuring herself at the Christmas 5 Day event. Somehow she ended up ripping an ankle ligament off the bone and now has to wear a brace for a couple of weeks.

From the whole Uringa family we wish the 3 of you a very speedy recovery!! Get well soon…..

Carrs Brush Sprints

Well after a week or two of hot weather we were destined for a day of not so good weather and it arrived.
Standing around the assembly area the three amigos, Linda (Chief Amigo), Dave (Checker Amigo) and Ron (Lacky Amigo) made the decision that it was not going to rain much and decided against putting up tents. Well we ended up running the event out of the back of cars.
Dave taking entries through the drivers window, Linda ran the start standing under a tree and Ron ran the finish from the back of the Prado. It worked and we even managed to add results

Whilst the misty rain was annoying for the 3 Amigos the 48 competitors did not seem to mind. However those who came later found the going  from controls 18-23 a little slippery.
Fleet of foot Andrew Hill won the day in 14.11 with German import Freddy Burghardt 33 seconds behind. 3rd place was Uringa's fastest Ondrej Pavlu.

Uringa Results:
3rd  Ondrej Pavlu
10th Matt Westwood
21st Matt Peters
27th Dick Ogilvie
35th Finn Mackay
39th Lisa Lampe
40th Brian Cleland
43rd Mary Jane Mahony
45th Maureen Ogilvie.
mp   Jim Mackay

Sprint events are as much about speed as keeping your wits about you. With twists and turns and controls coming at you at a fast rate of knots it is easy to miss controls. I have seen it at World Championship levels
Jim had a really strong run but alas came unstuck on control 23 a power pole just 15 metres from the finish.

Uringa's next club event is on Wednesday 29th January Mort bay Park, McKell Street Birchgrove.
This will be a big event with over 200 runners expected. Help will be needed. From 3.30pm onward

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Five Days in a Few Pictures

The Christmas Five Days is an excellent summer vacation.

Day 1 - buildings, steps, canopies, and a strange fenced enclosure in some bush
Day 1 - the lighter side
Day 3 - Rocky Falls - analysis of navigation decisions

Day 3 Rocky Falls - Great coffee from the coffee van, present at all four out of town events

Day 3 Rocky Falls - Got to start them young
Day 3 - Rocky Falls

Day 4 - FourJay Farms Open Farm Afternoon for Orienteers -afternoon tea offered in aid of the juniors

Day 4 - FourJay Farms Open Farm Afternoon for Orienteers - Part of the hazelnut story  included in the farm walk.

Day 4 - FourJay Farms Open Farm Afternoon for Orienteers - Basil Baldwin tells us about the end of the journey of their hazelnuts - one product is hazelnuts with fudge

Day 4 - FourJay Farms Open Farm Afternoon for Orienteers - afternoon tea offered in aid of the juniors

Day 4 - FourJay Farms Open Farm Afternoon for Orienteers - after a walk and some afternoon tea, another opportunity to socialise.

Day 4 - Ophir Diggings - how many orienteers can you spot?
Day 4 - Ophir Diggings - The 'after party' is just as much fun as the main event

Day 4 - Ophir Diggings - Comparing times with peers can be revealling.

Day 5 - Macquarie Woods
Day 5 - Macquarie Woods - 'parking along the road'

Day 5 - Macquarie Woods - A shingle back lizard spotted on course - time for a photo as Mary Jane Mahony was just walking around a course where a local friend..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

5 days and 5 Ways to work off the Christmas Pudding!

Quite a number of Uringans headed west to orange for the 2013 Xmas 5 Days. This annual event attracts orienteers from all over Australia and this year we also had entrants from Sweden, Norway and Ireland to add an international flavour. Oh yes and from across the ditch there were a couple of gun runners in attendance.
There are no age classes just general groupings with Men A,B,C,D,E and Women A, B, C, D  being on hard courses with varying lengths – Hard 1 longest to hard 5 shortest. Classes Men F and Women E are on Moderate.  Men G and Women F on Easy and M/W Novice on Very Easy Courses. 
Day 1 kicked off the carnival in style with a sprint around Charles Sturt Uni campus, complete with stabling yards! It was a late afternoon start and it was hot in the open but shade, consumed by many, was cooling. It was fast and furious out there.
Dave Lotty climbed onto the podium with a 3rd . Sophie, Lawrence and Finn were just a step off the podium in 4th place.  Paul Batten zoomed around the Hard 3 EOD course to win on the day.
Must mention that there were a few family challenges going on with Ian and Lawrence on the same course and Georgia and Maggie on the course as each other. Lawrence 1 Ian 0, Georgia and Maggie were a dead heat on 15.05 minutes.
Day 2 saw a convoy of cars heading east to Kahli’s Rocks. This well-known area has brought many an orienteer undone with rock in abundance. Sophie Jones scored a great 2nd place  and Jared McKenna also claiming 2nd.  Paul batten again took out 1st place on the EOD Moderate course.
Jones Challenge: Ian 1, Lawrence 0 – Georgia 1, Maggie 0
Day 3 and the gaggle of cars headed north into Mullion Creek State Forest to the aptly named Rocky Falls map. Only Jared in Men F (This carnival saw Jared having his first go at moderate courses) troubled the scorer today with another 3rd place. Paul and Bronwyn Batten competing in EOD Hard and Easy respectively claimed 1st both winning quite comfortably.
Jones scoreboard: Ian 1, Lawrence 0. Georgia 1, Maggie 0
Day 4 and by now the early morning jump out of beds had been reduced to a struggle. But the Cry of “There is Gold in them there Hills” certainly had the heart beating faster or was it the early morning coffee. Off to Ophir Diggings, the site of early gold finds in the 1851 gold rush. Evidence of diggers was certainly visible in the creek beds as they went in search of alluvial gold. Finn Mackay was the only Uringan to go anywhere near a gold with a 3rd in Men G. It was good to see him getting back on track after a mp the previous day. It was also great to see Brady Kopriva, son of Danielle and Grandson to Jitka and Zuzu out on a course. Mind you I think that Jitka deserves the medal!
Jitka, Brady and Stroller with fast finishing DickO

Jones scoreboard: Ian 1, Lawrence 0. Georgia 1, Maggie 0. So as we head into the last round it is Ian leading 3-1 and Georgia leading 3.5 -0 .5
Day 5 saw us in all up and packed early as it was the last day and post event it was time to head home. Macquarie Woods 27kms east of Orange was a fitting finale.
Course setter Basil Baldwin had a nifty loops map challenge. You ran either on the A map or B map. Each course had two loops with the A map going one way through the loops and the B map going the other way before returning with  the same course to the finish. The two runners started off together. Great Challenges.
No podium placing among Team Uringa. Sophie and Finn’s 4th placing was the best amongst our mob.
Now in the Jones Challenge Ian and Lawrence started together as did Georgia and Maggie. Lawrence showed great determination to pip dad by over a minute whilst Georgia had a very comfortable 8 minute margin over mum.
Looking at the splits on these two battles you can see how these event unfolded. It is apparent that Ian had an error heading to control 1 as Lawrence was well over a minute faster to the control. When they returned to the pivot control after their two loops Lawrence was just over a minute in front which he held until the end.
The Georgia Maggie battle saw the race to the first control leaning to Georgia by a mere 11 seconds and the race around the loops to the final pivot saw that the gap had grown to just over a minute. It was later in the race- controls 7 and  8 where Georgia pulled out a larger lead. Over the rest of the course the two swapped fastest times. By the way Georgia and Sophie tied in the finish sprint.
Overall placing’s in the 5 days is determined by a point score. It allows you to drop your worst day which is heaven in a multi-day event.
Winners are grinners and so too are 2nd place getters which is why Sophie was smiling all the way to the podium. Well done Sophie.
How did we go overall:

Dave Lotty
Men E
Jim Mackay
Men D
Sophie Jones
Women F
Lawrence Jones
Men B
Ian Jones
Men B
Georgia Jones
Women C
Maggie Jones
Women C
Fin Mackay
Men G
Mary Jane Mahony
Women D
Brian Cleland
Men E
Zuzu Burford
Men E
Jitka Kopriva
Women D
Danielle Kopriva
Women B
Dick Ogilvie
Men D
Maureen Ogilvie
Women D
Gayle Shepherd
Women D


It was delightful to head down the mountains and not get stuck in traffic. It was also delightful having the time to unpack the car in a leisurely fashion in day light. The curtain falls on another 5 days.
Xmas 5 Days this coming year will be based around Sydney I believe. Mmm daily drags across Sydney not my favourite way to start the day.
From my side of the fence as event organiser and also running the computers I had a blast. There are so many lovely people in orienteering who are very mindful of the efforts of those who put on the events and take the time to say thank you.
Mind you it is not so nice to cop a spray from orienteers as they reach the finish tent who have some negative thoughts about the course planning, control placement or when the computer says “NO” and they “MP”.
Go away and think about it and then comment or question in a more polite and tolerant way to the person actually responsible is my suggestion as you might actually be listened to. I don't get paid enough!
It is nice to have some of the “sprayers” return later and apologise for their behaviour. Respect for the person returns.