Thursday, November 20, 2014

Presentation night

Unfortunately no Uringa members attended the Presentation night, therefore I can only really give you the information about the "Orienteer of the Year" awards. These awards are based on participation at State League events and points are calculated from the competitors best 7 results out of the 12 SL events.

Congratulations to all juniors for their participation in the State League events, in particular Georgia Jones who won her age class with a clean sheet (7 wins), and to all the other place getters.

Open Easy    Jakob Doyle                    4th
W10A           Maggie Mackay              3rd
W12A           Serena Doyle                  4th
W14A           Sophie Jones                   2nd
M14A           Finn Mackay                   4th *
                     Jared McKenna               8th
W16A           Georgia Jones                 1st
M17-20A      Lawrence Jones              3rd

W35A           Danielle Kopriva            3rd
W45A           Linda Sesta                     1st
M45A           Ian Jones                         2nd
M45AS         Dave McKenna               3rd
M55AS         Dave Lotty                      1st
M70A           Dick Ogilvie                    1st
W80A           Maureen Ogilvie             1st

(badges will be handed out at the UR Christmas Party)

*12 year old Finn deserves a special mention. He started the season off running in his usual age class M12A notably in his first bush orienteering season! After a few events he decided to run a class up M14A as he wanted more challenging courses, and he managed to win 3 SL events in M14A, and an overall 4th placing! Congratulations Finn, that's a really great effort!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wednesday Sydney Summer Series in Eastern Sydney

Eventor called its location Double Bay. Mapper Dave Lotty usually says Bellvue Hill. The park is Cooper Park, but this year Brian Cleland's course setting mostly went elsewhere. Nevertheless. well over 140 runners turned up to face the challenge of hills, roads and stairs.

The set up for running the event was slick. Every helper who wanted a run had one. And the only reported hiccup was Dave Lotty losing his car key (and only discovering this after everyone else had left).

Monday, November 10, 2014

SSoS Haberfield in photos

Ron neglected to mention in his otherwise comprehensive post on the event that Uringa has gone even more high tech (following on, it must be admitted, from Big Foot). Registration for anyone who is already in the system with a stick meant only a quick signature (with an emergency phone number) and a dipping of the sport ident stick. Details come up on the pad, changes made if required, and it's done. Not much more to do for runners who have to hire a stick.

 Jim's map was challenging in working out route choice. There were a few controls where runners were observing coming from every direction.

South Sydney Summer Series- Haberfield

Attendances are growing to the South Sydney events as we grew a further 5 competitors on our previous event.
Robson Park, the start / finish was on the far west of the map which made the task of reaching controls set almost on Victoria road only a target for those fleet of foot and not faint of heart.

We had a good turnout of helpers to run the event and first time course setter Jim should be pleased with his efforts. Tuck that event under the belt!

Results can be found at:

 and split times at:

For the club there were strong performance across the board
Junior Men
Hugh Halley 1st
William Nolan  2nd
Jonathon Nolan 3rd
Alex Murray 5th
Open Men
Matt Westwood  4th
Myall Quint 9th
Open Women
Catherine Murphy 1st
Alice Westwood 3rd
Veteran Men
Titus Murray  3rd
Super Veterans Men
Matt Peters  1st
Legends Men
Dave Lotty  1st
Legends Women
Mary Jane Mahony  1st
Immortals Men
Brian Cleland  1st
Walking Women
Penny Field  1st

Great to see Alice out there having a run as well as lending a hand-  baby due in February! Impressive

So another event in November bites the dust and  it is on to Cooper Park, Double Bay this coming Wednesday, when big brother North Sydney Summer series rolls into town.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ultrasprint or how to create hectic orienteering!

Well, all of you who didn't turn up for this event, missed out on a very new form of orienteering with fun being at the centre of the whole affair. This form of orienteering has been run in other countries, I believe mainly in the UK, and Matt was the master minder of creating this event in Australia. This new idea coupled with some IT challenges which Ron solved marvellously, and a few savvy members getting on the job - et voila - here you have a fun, cool, challenging, fast event. So here are the details:

-it's essentially a 3 leg relay
-every runner runs each leg
-legs can be run in any order
-no control descriptions
-no control numbers
-some or should I say a lot of controls were mere metres apart
-1:1500 map, which meant every tree was mapped
-each leg was about 900m - 1.1km in length
-21-23 controls on each leg
-a maze through which you had to navigate to get controls
-if you mispunch, you don't get DNF, you just get a 30 sec time penalty added to your final time.
-neuroplasticity at it's best!!!

If you weren't there to experience this novel event, I can highly recommend the next Ultrasprint event which will take place on 31 December in the Moore Park area as part of the Xmas 5 Day. See Eventor   for registration.