Wednesday, March 20, 2024

NSW Seniors Festival 2024: Orienteering in Camperdown


Uringa Orienteers joined forces with Garingal Orienteers and the Inner West Council to offer an introductory orienteering experience as part of the 2024 NSW Seniors Festival.

Uringa has been holding a ‘Get to know orienteering’ event for the NSW Seniors Festival in cooperation with the Inner West Council since 2020 (Callan Park), showcasing orienteering on Inner West maps at Mort Bay, Balmain (2021), Callan Park (2022), Balmain again (2023), and this year Camperdown-Newtown.

The event was initiated after an approach by the Inner West Council's inaugural Sporting Partnerships Coordinator Carla Stacey. This year's event was supported by her recent successor at the Council, Daniel Denford.

Zoe Melling did the hard work in coordinating with the Council and Garingal Orienteers to ensure the event was appropriately staffed and organised. Volunteer coaches from Big Foot and Illawarra-Kareelah also contributed.

Part of the Council's support was providing packed lunches for all participants.

Garingal provided the technlogy and other equipment this year.

And thanks to Eventor, two Norwegian orienteers visiting Sydney discovered the event.

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