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2024 Australian 3 Days Murray Bridge SA


2024 Australian 3 Days – South Australia.

Unbeknown to competitors when entering the 2024 3 days, it proved to be hot! Yes, the competition was hot but so to the weather. Fortunately, the Murray River was close by and many an orienteer cooled down in the waters of Australia’s longest river.

The prologue sprint was run in the grounds of a nearby high school. 

You can check out the run by winner Nea Shingler

It looks extremely complicated but remember it has a map flip part the way through the course which allows setters to send runners back into the complex building area.

Uringa had 2 runners competing in the NOL (National Orienteering Series) for elites. Serena Doyle in W21E and Maggie Mackay stepping up into W20E for the first time.  Serena unfortunately had a missed punch in her race whilst Maggie finished 23rd in W20E.

Also running in the public races was Jim Mackay on Course 2- 32nd and Michael Warlters 51st on Course 1.

The carnival then moved east to be based around Murray Bridge- the riverland area. Whilst there is irrigation cropping going on all over the place the competition aras had one thing in common dry and dusty.

Day 1 Pymton

When you look at the map it is dominated by orange and yes the courses spent a lot of time in the green and white areas. The green was mainly some super spiky plant that’s only purpose in life was to scratch the exposed surfaces of orienteers resulting in bloodied arms, legs and maps!  And yes it was hot, way over 30 for those who started after midday.

That said it was an enjoyable course

Result wise

Jan Sargood W70A 4th

Sarah Garnet W65A 6th

Michael Warlters M55A 11th

Jim Mackay M60A 12th

Shane Doyle M55A 13th

Rick Steele M70A mp

Ron Pallas M65AS mp  ( punch first at drinks control then punch)

Serena Doyle W21E 21st

Maggie Mackay W20E 14th

Former Uringans

Thea Richardson W21S 5th

Charlie Richardson M35A 3rd

Margaret Wilmott W65A 10th

Nick Wilmott M70A  9th

Day 2 Ngaralta Country.

Another map dominated by orange open. The courses today was not much more than moderate- it was difficult to make them hard due to the nature of the map. On my course as I left 2 I looked towards 3 and could see the rock I was running to and could see competitors ducking in behind it to punch. But it is what it is.  Today was extremely hot heading into the high 30s and the temperature was compounded by the setting style for the day which was LONG..


Jan Sargood W70A 10th

Sarah Garnet W65A dnf

Michael Warlters M55A 9th

Jim Mackay M60A 18th

Shane Doyle M55A 7th

Rick Steele M70A 16th

Ron Pallas M65AS dq

Serena Doyle W21E 19th

Maggie Mackay W20E 15th

Former Uringans

Thea Richardson W21S 3rd

Charlie Richardson M35A mp

Margaret Wilmott W65A 11th

Nick Wilmott M70A 14th


A word on my dq- I went through the panel that had this strange green colour not used on bush maps which apparently was supposed to be Olive Green which is used on sprint maps for out of bounds. I realised half way across that it was meant to be OOB. On a bush map the nearest green 410.00 is “difficult to run” on a sprint map 411.000 is uncrossable. Oh well my mistake and I dq myself – a number of people who did the same but didn’t dq..

Day 3  Narrinyeri Hills

Fortunately, the sun was dialed down by almost 10 degrees but the dustbowl remained. Today’s map had lots more green on it along with spotty yellow. However the area around 5,6,7, on my course was ultra green with vegetation touching making visibility and progress difficult.

This was the bush that populated the area around 5,6,7 - note there is little space between bushes

Jan Sargood W70A 9th

Sarah Garnet W65A mp

Michael Warlters M55A 6th best run of the carnival

Jim Mackay M60A 8th best run of the carnival

Shane Doyle M55A dns

Rick Steele M70A 21st

Ron Pallas M65AS mp 

Serena Doyle W21E dnf – blistered feet after her marathon effort on Day 2

Maggie Mackay W20E 13th best run of the carnival

Former Uringans

Thea Richardson W21S 4th

Charlie Richardson M35A 3rd

Margaret Wilmott W65A 12th

Nick Wilmott M70A  25th

Maggie in a race to the finish




 The Wash Up

At the presentation awards were presented for overall position after 3 days. A number of Uringans unfortunately didn’t feature due to mp etc. However,

Jan Sargood W70A was 4th

Michael Warlters M55A 7th

Jim Mackay M60A 9th

Maggie Mackay W20E 13th

Margaret Wilmott W65A 11th

Nick Wilmott M70A 14th

Thea Richardson W21 Sport 3rd

 I must congratulate Maggie on her efforts in W20E- this is a huge step up in distance and competition than her courses from the previous year.  She did very well in this her first competition in W20E.

Questions were asked of the organisers as to why the first start times were 10am and it was so $^%^&&*&% hot.

There is a simple explanation. The sun was rising at around 7.30  so all the set including turning on units and setting up computers etc. had to be done in a very narrow time band. This is what happens when Easter is early and daylight saving is still in play.

I know what it is like to organise and run a carnival- little sleep and long hours in the bush. OSA did a fantastic job.

Easter 2025 is in Victoria  and the Aussie Champs in Queensland 

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