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2023 KBlll


The KBlll proved to be a marvelous weekend with reasonably warm winter temperatures, lots of sunshine, little wind and no rain! So, there is the weather report!

Saturday – Olney State Forest

The forest located near Dooralong (NW of Wyong) is a real mixed bag. On the flat there is a a creek happily winding its way across the map. The vegetation here has a distinct greenish tinge and lots of detailed contours- slow going, you need to be accurate. The hills surrounding are traditional spur gully, with a rock feature or two. The vegetation was open and fast.

The courses all headed across the hilly section before plunging into the creek flats and then back into the hills.

Three Uringans were placed 1st after Day 1. Maggie Mackay, W16A, Linda Sesta W55A and Gayle Shepherd W55AS. We also had three thirds- Jane Boland W Open B, Jonathan Nolan, M16A and Jim Mackay M60A. Not a bad days work.

A special mention here of the exploits of kelvin Meng. Kelvin is at uni based in Canberra. Being a self-sufficient soul, he came up to Wyong by train and then hopped on his trusty bike to ride out to the event. All went well until he was close to the event site when he had a spill. Grazed hands and a damaged knee resulting. Undaunted he camped the night in the forest and treated himself the next morning. His hands looked like the taping used by boxers when he finished. Needless to say, Kelvin competed all 3 days with a very sore knee. The Miller family from ACT chauffeured him around the rest of the weekend.

Damien, Angus and Ant comparing their runs

Dave at the start traingle

Gayle on her way to 1st place

Dave at the finish. A lot stopped here before tackling a steep hill to the arena

Jane's course

Jane with her bodyguard

Jonathan in flight

Junior catering- raising funds for the Aust Schools Champs WA

Kelvin complete with bandaged hands

Linda on the way to 1st place

Michael's course

Result Slats made a comeback!

A foot injury kept Ron out of the bush - 

Sunday- Honeyeater Hideout

Sunday dawned bright and chilly and it was off to Richmond Vale (near Kurri Kurri). What a delight was in store with the arena on an exposed ridge, remember no wind and lost of sun and there we sat with a brilliant view on what could best be described as a manicured paddock. Many orienteers camped the night. Perhaps the most appealing feature for a couple of Nolan boys was the fire pit. Will, who had accompanied Jane on the course on Saturday headed to the fire whilst Jane headed to the start.

The map was mainly spur gully and typically around water there was green. A lovely plant that grows here is called by orienteers the “Lawyer Plant” – once it gets hold of you it doesn’t let you go!

The courses were fantastic and challenged you at every turn. Gayle was the best placed Uringan in 2nd with Linda and Jonathan in 3rd. Ant finished 4th after a rather “Barry Crocker” 10th on Saturday. Jane was also 4th.

Ant at the start

The assembly area

Will's work!

Gayle's course

Jane heading from the start

Jim, toiling up the hill to the finish

Kelvin's M20 course

Monday – The University of Newcastle

Once again sunshine although the arena was in dappled shade but still warm. The Newcastle Uni is huge and lots (read lots and lots) of buildings. Courses were fantastic as you weaved in and out and under and over through passageways up and down stairs. Courses had lots of controls and a map flip. Had to say this causes confusion – I picked up my map, arrived at the start triangle, located the start on the map and nothing fitted… A few highly technical non orienteering words later I realised I was looking at the second side of the map. Once looking at the right side – it all made sense.

Jonathan in M16A after two thirds stepped up one more to finish in 2nd. Jane, Linda, Dave and Maggie all came in 3rd in their respective classes. It was great to see our youngsters Ella Gudes and Elodie Warlters out on the Enter on Day Very Easy courses. They did rather well coming in 4th and 5th respectively.

Final Results 

After 3 days of competition, it was now time to see who were the overall winners. Unfortunately for Gayle who after days 1 and 2 was right amongst the leaders, she had a missed punch. So easy to do on a complex sprint map.

Linda, “Miss Consistency” finished 2nd overall. Jane and Jonathan were 3rd not a bad effort for our competitors Jim and Maggie were both close to the podium in 4th. Ant and Michael were 6th overall.

Well that is it a fantastic weekend and our congratulations to the organisers. Great courses, great maps and great organisation.

Well all that was left was to head south on the freeway – mmm slow but safe.

Cheryl Bluett's 75th Birthday

Kelvin 1
Kelvin 2

Kelvin 3

Maggie's course

Ori heading through the run through

Ron's tracking

Ron's course

Some of the many stairs

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