Tuesday, May 30, 2023

MetrO League 2023 #2 - Wianamatta West

 Metro League 2 was run on a new map  in a new suburb called Jordan Springs. The map was unusual in that it is fully fenced which meant there was surprisingly little urban rubbish dumped in the terrain.

The weather whilst chilly was brilliant aespecially if you found a spot in the sun. There you could easily forget that it was only 12 degrees.

As was the case in Metro 1 our teams were understrength with Divisions 4 and 5 only having 2 and 3 runners instead of 5. Division 2 fielded a full strength team and defeated the Western and Hills team 31 points to 23. However, Western and Hills turned the tables and won both Division 4 and 5 32-13 and 31-21 respectively.

In Division 4 we had two new Metro League Runners in Xiaohui Sherry Zou and Karen Shaw, with Karen collecting an impressive 8 points and Sherry 5. For first timers they did great.

Division 5 saw Julia Prudhoe- fastest on the course so she racked up 10 points, Gayle Shepherd 13th on the course, 7 points and Dave Lotty 32nd on the course scoring 4 points.

It was in Division 2 that there were some great results. Shane Doyle  was 4th fastest  for 10 points, Maggie Mackay 11th on course- 8 points. Serena Doyle 20th on course for 6 points, Jim Mackay 21st on course for 5 points and Zoe Melling 30th on course for 2 points.

Division 4

Division 2

Division 5

Round 3 of the Metro League is on 25th June at Yerambah Lagoon

Round 4 of the Metro League is on  23rd July at Forestville

Round 5 of the metro League is a Uringa Event on August 6th at Lansdowne

This coming June long weekend sees a very small contingent heading north to Newcastle for 3 races. Each day is a State League Event and the total time over the 3 days is used to calculate the 3 day Champions.

Photos from the event courtesy of Sandra Stewart

Morning Briefing




Buddy Club members - Paul and Julia Prudhoe




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